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Stimulus dollars: Environmental ‘educators’ given $726,000

August 23, 2012

$726,000 in federal stimulus money was awarded to an Issaquah-based nonprofit agency whose website says its mission is train government officials in the techniques needed to creating a more environmentally friendly society.

All told, Washington state has received $8.4 billion of the $768.3 billion in stimulus money doled out under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, according to the official U.S. government website that tracks the program, and the money has employed a total of 2,794 people.

That works out to $2.86 million per job, of which there are only 631 statewide during the current quarter.

Recovery.gov reports a total of 9,030 awards have been received. In the second of what will be a regular feature on this website, we’ll highlight a few of those expenditures and the companies to which the money was given.

Environmental Outreach and Stewardship Alliance — $726,000

Founded in 2000 and based in Issaquah, the agency works under the umbrella of the Northwest Environmental Training Center which, according to its website “delivers tailored courses on current policy, standards, technology and regulations for environmental professionals … (and) provide(s) opportunities for continued education (sic) in a wide variety of topics.”

Not a scientific research facility per se, EOSA is organized as a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation – the same tax designation used by political organizations and churches – whose mission, according to its 2010 Form 990 filing, is to “educate and inspire members of the public to live in an environmentally sustainable manner.”

As part of that mission, the agency worked to “improve the quality of environmental services and compliance among environmental professionals.”

Listed as  the agency’s executive director and founder that year, at a salary of $68,157, was Erick McWayne, whose other recent projects have included Sustainable West Seattle and Carbon-Neutral Seattle, an alliance of environmental activists who “collectively feel the hot threats of a climate crisis and an economic meltdown, and … are eager to work as partners with Seattle government.”

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