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Wisconsin Update: Governor isn’t the only seat up for grabs

June 5, 2012

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker isn't the only incumbent facing a possible recall today, and the balance of power in the that state's Legislature could hinge on some of the other races.

Editor’s Note: The battle isn’t being fought in within Washington’s borders, but the drama unfolding in Wisconsin today, as Republican Gov. Scott Walker faces a recall election because of his efforts to loosen the grip of public employee unions in that state, will have short- and long-term impacts in every corner of the United States. Throughout the day, the Olympia Report will be posting stories from its partner website, The Wisconsin Reporter, to keep our readers informed.

The Wisconsin Reporter
MADISON, Wisc. — Lest we forget, Gov. Scott Walker is not the only public figure in Wisconsin potentially headed to the political gallows.
Joining the Republican governor in Tuesday’s recall election are three incumbent state senators — all Republicans — who are facing the voters after a challenge from Democratic opponents.
Meanwhile, a fourth state Senate district seat will be filled in a special election. The seat is vacant but was held by a Republican who resigned for personal reasons after the recall petitions came out.
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