technology_newsThe meetup group of News Tacoma Tech has quickly become the place to go for both new and established companies interested in sharing innovative ideas, learning about cutting-edge technology, and networking for business contacts.

The meeting place features bright glowing blue and pink lights that are more reminiscent of an up and coming nightclub. However, the only real movement and excitement comes from people hustling to share business cards and talk about business in anticipation of taking things to the next level.

Although the News Tacoma Tech event has only been occurring for four months, it has already become a hot trend. At each News Tech event, established companies that deal with technology along with venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, startup companies, personnel from various government entities, and even university staff and students, among others, all come together for an amazing experience.

News Tech Tacoma was started 12 years ago when the cofounder of, Scott Heiferman launched the New York Tech Meetup. At that time, he described the event on his profile page as being the largest meetup group anywhere in the world. Then in 2013, Brett Greene who created Seattle Tech Meetup along with Red Russack, changed the name to Bellevue followed by Tacoma once News Tech NW expanded.

The fastest-growing event in the history of was News Tech Seattle. Greene stressed that being around a collaborative group of people who provide support was amazing and that the event itself helped people achieve goals.

The name, News Tech Tacoma makes it appear that this event focuses solely on technology but in reality, it is much more. To benefit from the group, anyone who is innovative, smart, and fun is welcomed to the event.

Eli Moreno who founded the startup and co-working space known as SURGEtacoma has been to all four of the events for News Tech Tacoma. As he stated, prior to this, Tacoma and the surrounding area had no event like this. The ultimate goal of these meetings is to satisfy the need of like-minded individuals.