Standing at 4800 College are three buildings, one being a clinic that helps people with chemical dependency problems but sometime this November, that building will become home to a new primary care clinic. The chemical dependency clinic will move to a new location within the Woodland Square Loop.

The new Providence Multi-Service Clinic has strong backing from St. Peter Hospital, Providence Medical Group, and PacMed. Due to increasing demand for primary care in Thurston County, the Providence Medical Group is adding a second clinic to one recently completed in west Olympia.

Providence Multi-Service ClinicOnce the doors open for business, the new Lacey clinic will provide primary care. However, at some point, walk-in care will be added. As stated by the chief executive of Providence Medical Group, Dr. Rik Emaus, the number of walk-ins is expected to reach upwards of 50 per day.

Because of the unique collaboration, patients at the new Providence Multi-Service Clinic will receive primary care services but also radiology and diagnostic imaging services. In all, over a dozen clinical services will be available. The project involves the renovation of 31,000 square feet of space at a cost somewhere between $5 and $8 million.

When ready to receive patients, approximately 100 people will work at the new Providence Multi-Service Clinic. Included in this number is roughly 15 primary care physicians. However, according to Dr. Emaus, current data for Thurston County shows that 75 primary care doctors are actually needed. While it will take time to reach that level, Emaus confirmed that is ultimately the goal.

Although there are several reasons that Lacey was chosen as the location for the new clinic, in particular, it is just one of a handful of providers in the United States where the US Family Health Plan is accepted specifically for military members, whether active duty or retired.