SkateboarderThe intersection of Union Avenue and Plum Street, in Olympia, has reopened this morning after gunfire erupted Monday evening. Police closed the intersection to investigate what probably should have been an easily avoided and easily remedied dispute.

Apparently two men were skateboarding around 8pm, on Monday night. At some point, these two men got into some kind of altercation with and older man who was driving a car.

Witnesses of the incident said that, at some point during the argument, the skateboarder had allegedly struck the hood of the vehicle with his hand and then moved around to the passenger side of the car. This is where he allegedly struck the passenger door with his skateboard, which resulted in the shattering of the window. At this point, the driver took out a gun and fired at the skateboarder who immediately fell to the ground. Witnesses then also say that the driver then drove to a nearby gas station to call 911.

According to the officers who responded, the 20-year old victim had been shot once, but the bullet had traveled up his arm and into his chest. Of course, he was quickly taken to the hospital. At the time he was conscious and insisting he needed to get home to take care of his baby.

Witnesses had originally reported that both of the pedestrians were shot, but Lt Paul Lower—with the Olympia Police Department—says that it was only the one man. The second man, however, identified himself as the victim’s uncle and left the scene with a detective.

Lower also says that all parties involved with this case are currently cooperating with the investigation. The 46-year old suspect has been arrested on suspicion of first-degree assault and waits in Thurston County Jail, expecting to appear in court today. The 20-year old victim remains in stable condition at Providence St. Peter Hospital.

The detectives are not releasing the names of the suspects (the two men in the car) until after they have appeared in court, later today.

Of course, Olympia Police Department detectives are asking that anyone with potential information that could help this case to call 360-753-8300.