Trump-brand consumer products have not been performing too well but this week, his products have hit an all-new low as US retailers Sears Holdings Corp and Kmart Corp have chosen to discontinue online sales of 31 Trump Home items. This, of course, is still in light of the fact that Ivanka Trump’s brand fell in popularity over the last week, resulting in Nordstrom Inc discontinuing her line as well.

Sears—and its fully-owned subsidiary, Kmart—disclosed this choice, on Saturday, admitting that it was part of a new push to focus their online businesses on only the most profitable items.

On a separate note, then, the Wall Street Journal reported, also on Saturday, that Nordstrom sales of Ivanka Trump’s brand had fallen significantly prior to the retailer letting it be known that they would discontinue the brand.

“As part of the company’s initiative to optimize its online product assortment, we constantly refine that assortment to focus on our most profitable items,” comments a Sears Holdings spokesperson. “Amid that streamlining effort, 31 Trump Home items were among the items removed online this week. Products from the line are still offered online via third-party Marketplace vendors.”

These developments, of course, are only the latest in a whole week of contraversy surrounding Trump’s potential commercial activity in spite of his presidency. These moves, then, might be a big sign that major companies are taking more calculated risks when making business decisions that could invite massive criticism from President Trump and his notorious Twitter account.

Of course, Sears has been dealing with change for the last few years. Just last month, alone, the once-major retailer announced a plan to close at least 150 stores; but this announcement that the company is moving away from Trump’s brand might actually be welcomed news in light of the hard year they have had.

Now, the Trump home collection—what Sears (and Kmart) have elected to discontinue—includes lines of furniture, lighting, and bedding; and the manufacturers of these products are typically the very same ones that outfit Trump’s hotels. It is worth noting, however, that, as of Tuesday, Sears was still selling 19 Trump Home items through their online outfit; and Kmart was still selling 13 Trump home items.