Google Photos now has a new feature which allows users to archive the pictures from the main feed. This hides the photos and thereby assisting in decluttering and also ensuring that private photos are kept away from the public eye.

In order to archive a photo all that users are required to do is to activate the archive option by bringing up the menu. When users want to have a look at the archived photos they will be available in a separate folder on the left section.

Android for now

Besides private photos, screenshots and repetitive photos can also be archived. Currently the update to Google Photos is available for Android but will soon be introduced to iOS and the web.

Previously some of the options that existed for helping users keep private photos away from the public included Samsung’s Secure Folder app which allowed for the keeping of photos, apps, documents, emails securely locked in a password-protected folder. Apple also has a system where photos can be kept hidden from the general photos tab though they are visible in the photo albums. Until the archiving feature in Google Photos, there was nothing of the sort for users of Google products.

Google I/O developer conference

The archiving feature comes to Google Photos after the I/O developer conference where the product got a number of major updates. Among the new functionalities that were introduced included the addition of image recognition technology enabling users to search for photos under generic terms such as ‘trees’, ‘mom’, ‘river’ and so on.

Another feature that was introduced was suggested sharing which makes use of Google’s artificial intelligence technology in picking the best photos, determining who is in those photos and then suggesting to users to share them with the individuals who have been so recognized. The suggested sharing feature also allows users to share photos that are related either by the people captured in the photos or the location where the photos were taken.

Non-users too

The enhanced sharing features of Google Photos also allow users to share photos with individuals who are not users of Google Photos. In this case the recipients get a URL link that takes them to a webpage from which they view the photo or if they choose even download it.

Other updates to Google Photos that were announced during the I/O developer conference included a photo book service where users can have their best photos printed in either a hardcover or a softcover.