Ford Motors will be adding the FX4 off-road version of the 2018 Expedition sports utility vehicle. The FX4 trim is popular on the Ford F150 truck. The off-road version of Ford Expedition is expected to comprise between 5 and 10% of sales of the Expedition once it is launched later in fall.

The idea for an off-road version of the Ford Expedition started in the Middle East region as the SUV had gained popularity for its ability to drive through the Arabian Peninsula where the sand is soft and deep. Ford then developed a FX4 specifically for the Middle East and also realized that the vehicle would also find demand in the United States.

Specs and features

Fuel economy ratings and prices for the Ford Expedition will be announced once the carmaker is ready to ship. Some of the specs of the 2018 Ford Expedition FX4 will include a limited-slip differential that is electronic. By employing a system which shifts power output automatically side-to-side and therefore allowing for increased traction, the FX4 is able to keep moving in a tough environment. It will also have a 3.73 read axle which will enhance the grip of the vehicle as well as the towing capacity.

The Expedition FX4 will also come with rubber floor liners which are removable and which are easy to clean. Ford’s FX4 also comes with running boards, 18-inch wheels, all-terrain tires, and beefed-up shocks. It will also have shields and skid plates which will help in protecting the vitals of the truck. There is also a steel plating around the mechanical components of the vehicle and this helps protect it from soils, stumps and rocks which might be encountered in an off-road environment. The suspension is also stiffer and this enables the tires which are all-terrain to press firmly at all times.

EcoBoost V6 engine

In other areas the Expedition FX4 will be similar to the regular Expedition. For instance the off-roader will come equipped with the Expedition’s 3.5-litre V6 engine which produces horsepower of 375. The FX4 also comes equipped with an automatic transmission of 10-speed which was fist made available in the 2017 edition of the F-150 truck. This automatic transmission also helps in improving the towing capabilities of the FX4 to 9,300 pounds.

Additionally, the Terrain Management System of the FX4 has been revamped and now has seven driving modes. This includes mud/rut, sand, grass/gravel/snow, eco, tow/haul and sport which all assist in handling a wide variety of traction conditions.