Erin Andrews, the host of Dancing with the Stars, married Jarret Stoll on Saturday in Montana. Stoll is a former player in the National Hockey League and played for New York Rangers, Minnesota Wild, Los Angeles Kings and Edmonton Oilers. The wedding ceremony was witnessed by friends and family of the couple.

The couple began dating five years ago. Stoll, who is a native of Canada, proposed to Andrews when the two were at a Disneyland theme park. Both Andrews and Stoll are getting married for the first time.

“We went there for Christmas to see the Christmas decorations, and we had a lovely dinner there, and he did it right there at dinner at Disneyland. I was bawling like a child,” Andrews revealed in a television interview.

Trying times

The wedding comes after what has been a difficult period in the past few months for Andrews following a health scare. Last year in September, she was diagnosed to be suffering from cervical cancer. In a Health magazine interview, Andrews admitted that the diagnosis had had an impact on her relationship with her then-boyfriend. Andrews also revealed that the oncologist had advised her to freeze her eggs.

Stoll had also been having a rough time after being busted for being in possession of ecstasy and cocaine in April 2015. The arrest took place at the MGM Grand where he was allegedly found in possession of ecstasy weighing 8.1 grams and cocaine weighing 3.3 grams.

Professional career

In his professional hockey career, Stoll scored 81 goals and was responsible for 133 assists. Stoll was with Los Angeles Kings for seven seasons and five seasons with Edmonton Oilers. His career came to an end with Minnesota Wild and New York Rangers in the course of the 2015 to 2016 season.

Besides the cervical cancer diagnosis, Andrews had previously been dealing with a stalking lawsuit which she won after settling with two hotel firms after it was found that they were partly responsible for the stalker who had managed to get a hotel room neighboring hers. The alleged stalker, Michael David Barrett, ended up posting on the internet a nude video of Andrews.

In the stalking case, the Tennessee jury handed Andrews a combined sum of approximately $55 million from the alleged stalker, Windsor Capital Group and West End Hotel Partners. Besides hosting Dancing with the Stars, Andrews is also a sportscaster and is currently a FOX Sports sideline reporter.