PVG Asset Management Corp purchased a new position in UQM Technologies Inc (NYSEAMERICAN:UQM) during the second quarter, HoldingsChannel reports. The fund purchased 145,408 shares of the industrial goods maker’s stock, valued at approximately $145,000.

Separately, Raymond James Financial Services Advisors Inc. purchased a new stake in UQM Technologies in the second quarter valued at approximately $324,000.

Separately, Zacks Investment Research downgraded shares of UQM Technologies from a “hold” rating to a “sell” rating in a research note on Wednesday, May 23rd.

Shares of UQM opened at $1.31 on Tuesday. UQM Technologies Inc has a 1-year low of $0.89 and a 1-year high of $1.79.

UQM Technologies (NYSEAMERICAN:UQM) last announced its earnings results on Wednesday, August 1st. The industrial goods maker reported ($0.05) earnings per share for the quarter, missing analysts’ consensus estimates of ($0.03) by ($0.02). The company had revenue of $2.70 million during the quarter, compared to analysts’ expectations of $2.07 million. UQM Technologies had a negative net margin of 19.74% and a negative return on equity of 25.47%.

UQM Technologies Company Profile

UQM Technologies, Inc, together with its subsidiaries, develops, manufactures, and sells electric motors, generators, power electronic controllers, and fuel cell compressors in the United states and internationally. The company offers propulsion motors and generators, auxiliary motors, and electronic controls and DC-to-DC converters for electric, hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid electric, and fuel cell applications.

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