The attorneys for the former Chairman Carlos Ghosn of Nissan, who was sent back to detention whilst out on bond, filed a protest with the Supreme Court.

Lawyer Junichiro Hironaka told reporters Ghosn’s fourth and most recent arrest is unfair. Ghosn was arrested in November, released on bond last month final week however re-arrested.

Multiple arrests and detentions are routine in Japan, however, arresting.

Ghosn’s detention has been extended through Sunday but might be prolonged. He is charged with falsifying documents in underreporting his retirement compensation and breach of confidence in what prosecutors call payments that were questionable.

He says he’s innocent, noting that the compensation wasn’t determined or paid and the payments were for services.

The arrest is finished suspicion Nissan cash paid to a dealership that was redirected to a company.

Hironaka was one of 1,010 attorneys, professors and other legal practitioners that signed a telephone to remove Japan’s so-called”hostage justice.”

Kaku Imamuraa lawyer who headed the initiative, told reporters Wednesday that Ghosn’s situation has put off international criticism regarding the detentions.

He said suffer and are retained for weeks, sometimes years for minor charges that won’t result in jail time. During detention he said, although the suspect’s contact banned with family and friends, and often with attorneys is limited.

He declined comment on the particulars of Ghosn’s case.

“Detention is used as a form of torture,” Imamura said at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan. “It will become difficult for people to have a fair trial.”


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