Mark James

Mark serves as editor of, and is responsible for the content and management of the site and for oversight of freelance news contributors to the site

After earning my degree, I spent years focusing on travel journalism but eventually, I was called to focus on my hometown. Today, I am a full-time contributor who enjoys anything outdoors with my lovely wife of 13 years and two amazing children.

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Cynthia Hall

Since a little girl, I was always fascinated with news stories. Instead of things on television that most people my age watched, I automatically gravitated toward current happenings and trends.

Outside of writing, my husband and three dogs are my life. Although I spend hours researching and writing, I always take time out of my busy schedule to enjoy life with those I love most.

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Daniel Rudford

While most writers have years of experience and formal education, writing for me comes naturally. I started tinkering at a typewriter more than 40 years ago, cranking out both fiction and non-fiction pieces. Along with newsworthy pieces, I write about travel, home improvement, and technology.

Although writing has always been a huge part of my life, now widowed it definitely fills a void. However, I have an amazing group of friends and wonderful family that I spend time barbecuing, sailing, and traveling with for pure enjoyment.

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Donna Brown

I was fortunate enough in high school to land a place on the writing team for the school newspaper. For me, writing was much more than a hobby, it was a passion that allowed me to move into a career as a staff writer for a popular Washington State newspaper. Over the years, I have provided valuable content for various off and online publications.

Having been married to my husband for the past 20 years is another huge accomplishment. We have four of the most wonderful children, two who share the same love of writing with me.

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Matthew Granger

I grew up in Alaska but moved with my family to Washington state at the age of 12. Throughout high school and into my first year of college, I had no clue the direction of the path I would take in life. By happenstance, I created a paper about famous writers, which immediately captured my interest. I realized that through words, I could express myself but also share information with people all over the world. Finally, I knew my calling, to become a writer.

 I changed my degree, finally earning a Master’s in journalism. In college, I met my beautiful wife, who is also a writer. Together, we spend countless hours conducting research and writing pieces that are compelling to readers. In our off time, we enjoy spending time at the beach and supporting local charity work.

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Renee Jackson

Although I have only been a professional freelance writer for five years, I have had numerous opportunities. After completing college, I hooked up with a writer’s group where I gained tremendous knowledge and insight that has allowed me to achieve a successful career doing what I love most.

On a personal note, I will be getting married this summer to the man of my dreams. We have two Labradors that for now are our “children”. We also have amazing families and friends who we spend a lot of quality time with when not working.

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