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Mark serves as editor of, and is responsible for the content and management of the site and for oversight of freelance news contributors to the site Born and raised in Olympia and having a career in journalism has allowed me to create content that comes from the heart. I want people who live in and visit Washington State to have a solid understanding of what makes this such a remarkable place. After earning my degree, I spent years focusing on travel journalism but eventually, I was called to focus on my hometown. Today, I am a full-time contributor who enjoys anything outdoors with my lovely wife of 13 years and two amazing children.

5 Things to consider when buying shares

Getting into share trading looks like a very appealing thing to do. However, there are a lot of things about buying shares that are not known to the public. If you want more info about the subject of buying and selling shares, check out this article. Looking for a solid investment or just a rapid […]

The Most Entrepreneurial Group in America Wasn’t Born in America

There has been a significant drop in the number of start-ups created in the US over recent years. By 2015, the number of start-ups being set up had fallen to 414,000 from 558,000 in 2006. Some of this reduction is due to the global financial crisis that began in 2007. It has also become more […]

Altice Seeking Partners In A Bid For Charter Communications

Reports indicate that Altice NV has asked BC Partners and Canada Pension Plan Investment Board to partner in a bid to acquire Charter Communications, a cable broadcaster. It has, however, not been revealed how much equity commitment the Patrick Drahi-owned firm will seek from the two potential partners. Besides Altice and Altice USA, the Japan-based […]

Facebook In New Efforts To Fight The Deceptive Advertising Practice Of Cloaking

Facebook has announced that it is taking steps to fight cloaking on its platform. This is according to Bobbie Chang, a software engineer at the social media giant and Rob Leathern, its product management director. In cloaking, advertisers misrepresent an ad’s actual destination in order to dodge the review process deployed by Facebook. Consequently, when […]

AT&T Creator Lab Partners With Music Band To Offer Network Coverage During Festival

AT&T Creator Lab has partnered with the music band Thirty Seconds to Mars with a view to live streaming the group’s concert which will be held on August 12. The telecommunications giant will consequently offer interactive fan experiences and wireless connectivity at the Camp Mars Music Festival which will be taking place in Malibu, California […]

MKM Partners Raise Target Prices For Top Tech Stocks

According to Rob Sanderson, an analyst at MKM, three technology stocks which include Twitter, Facebook and Alphabet will appreciate by double digits in the next one year. In the case of Alphabet, Sanderson gave the stock a buy rating and forecast that it will hit $1210 per share in one year based on the fact […]

OnDeck And JPMorgan Chase Expand Their Partnership

Online lender OnDeck and JPMorgan Chase have announced that they are extending their contract and this will see the two financial institutions continue to partner in small business lending specifically with regards to the Chase Business Quick Capital, JPMorgan’s digital product aimed at small enterprises. The period of extension could beup to four more years. […]

Google Hires A User Experience Head For Its Smart Home Unit

Reports indicate that the former webOS and Pebble designer, Liron Damir, has been hired by Alphabet to become the user experience chief of Google Home group. Damir will be responsible for products such as Google Wifi, Chromecast and Google Home. This was confirmed by Damir in a posting on the professional networking website LinkedIn. “[I […]

Snap Shares Defy Lockup Expiration Concerns and Rise

Shares of Snap Inc slid slightly more than 4 percent in Monday morning trades—to $13.40—as the company reached the expiration of its first lockup period from last weekend. Indeed, for the first time, approximately 400 million shares were eligible for trading for the very first time. Before the opening bell on Monday, shares were trading […]

New York Times Posts Soaring Profits On Digital Subscription Growth

It is no big secret that print media companies are struggling right now. Printing and distribution costs remain tough to cover, but users are flocking to digital sources more and more consistently these days. And that means publishers are wasting more and more money on physical publications. Even companies like the New York Times face […]

Twitter Reports Flat Growth and $116 million Loss; Shares Down 13 Percent

With a user base that seems to have stopped growing, at least since the previous quarter, stock prices for the company fell more than 13 percent on the heels of this announcement. Looking more closely—on a per-share basis, for example—the San Francisco company said it had registered a second-quarter loss of 16 cents. Now, it […]

Newspapers Should Seek To Innovate Rather Than Calling For Antitrust Protection

A few weeks ago the News Media Alliance, or Newspaper Association of America as it formerly used to be called, revealed that it would be pushing U.S. Congress to exempt newspapers from antitrust laws. This was with a view of allowing the newspapers to go into negotiations with tech giants such as Google and Facebook […]

Starbucks To Add More Food On The Menu As Sales Continue Decline

According to Credit Suisse analysts, sales at Starbucks have been on a downward trend even as the benefit costs and hourly wages of employees go up. The costs of opening new locations have also been on the rise. This could have a negative impact on the growth prospect of the stock going forward. One of […]

Facebook To Offer A Paid News Subscription Service To Appease Publishers

Facebook’s news partnership head, Campbell Brown, has said that the social media giant has been listening to the complaints of publishers of news and it is taking action by launching a subscription plan for news. Initial tests on the product are expected to begin in October. This comes a week after news publishers petitioned Congress […]

Even on a Good Day, Goldman Sachs Still Struggles

Goldman Sachs has a problem.  Their trading efforts have not had much yield lately; but its not like the market is seeing much growth.  Still, the issue at Goldman Sachs seems to be among the worst on Wall Street. As a matter of fact, the company has recorded its worst commodities quarter on record, in […]

Newspapers Seek Antitrust Exemption In Fight For Survival

An alliance of newspapers in the United States is requesting Congress to exempt newspaper publishers from antitrust rules so that the news outlets can conduct joint negotiations with Facebook and Google. The two technologies now dominate online news traffic and online advertising. Representing close to 2,000 news outlets in North America, New Media Alliance argues […]

More Financial Institutions Supporting Apple Pay Added In United States And Europe

Reports indicate that Apple Pay support has been added by 22 more credit unions and banks in the United States. Most of the U.S. financial institutions are regional rather than national. More financial institutions in Europe have also added support for the payments platform. In the United States some of the financial institutions that were […]

Tumi And AT&T Launch Device For Tracking Luggage Globally

AT&T and Tumi, a worldwide travel lifestyle brand, have launched a tracking device that works wirelessly to offer travelers positioning information that is location-specific with regards to the travel bags and other luggage. Tumi Global Locator is the name of the tracking device which weighs 150 grams and measures 4.33 by 2.55 by 0.83 inches. […]

Merger Between Baker Hughes And GE Oil & Gas Closes

The merger of General Electric’s oil and gas unit with Baker Hughes has been completed resulting in the second largest oilfield services group in the world. Schlumberger is currently the world’s largest oilfield services group. The deal was agreed to in October 2016 with the aim of delivering cost savings amounting to $1.2 billion per […]

Micron Expects Increased Revenues As Demand Grows

Micron Technology has forecast that in the present quarter it will record profits and revenue that are better than expected. This will be due to an improvement in memory chip prices following a period of tight supply. There has also been an increase in demand from smartphone makers and providers of cloud services. Shares of […]

New York Times Hold Walkout In Support Of Employees Facing Layoffs

Staffers at the The New York Times held an afternoon walkout in protest over looming job cuts that are expected to affect copy editors. The plan to lay off copy editors was announced last month by Dean Baquet, the executive editor and Joseph Kahn, the managing editor. A buyout package will be offered to the […]

Modding Tool OpenIV Reinstated For Grand Theft Auto

When OpenIV, a popular modding tool for Grand Theft Auto V, was issued with a cease-and-desist order from Take-Two, fans reacted swiftly and GTA V was bombarded with negative reviews. Approximately 77,000 people also appended their signatures to an online petition calling for the restoration of the modding tool. Take-Two seems to have heard the […]

Erin Andrews Ties The Knot With Ex-NHL Star Jarret Stoll

Erin Andrews, the host of Dancing with the Stars, married Jarret Stoll on Saturday in Montana. Stoll is a former player in the National Hockey League and played for New York Rangers, Minnesota Wild, Los Angeles Kings and Edmonton Oilers. The wedding ceremony was witnessed by friends and family of the couple. The couple began […]

Tesla’s Autopilot Chief Leaves After Less Than Six Months On The Job

Tesla’s top Autopilot engineer, Chris Lattner, has left the company less than half a year after he joined the electric car maker from Apple. This adds to the growing list of executive shake-ups in technology firms competing in the driverless car space. Lattner cited differences with the chief executive of Tesla, Elon Musk, as the […]

Qatar Airways Emerges As The Best Airline On The Planet

Qatar Airways has been named the ‘Airline of the Year’ by Skytrax, a global air travel ratings company. This was announced at a Paris Air Show ceremony. The award comes at a time when the airline which is based in Doha is dealing with restrictions such as the airspace it can use and the airports […]

Ford To Launch An Off-Road Version Of The Expedition SUV

Ford Motors will be adding the FX4 off-road version of the 2018 Expedition sports utility vehicle. The FX4 trim is popular on the Ford F150 truck. The off-road version of Ford Expedition is expected to comprise between 5 and 10% of sales of the Expedition once it is launched later in fall. The idea for […]

Alphabet’s Verily Life Sciences Invests In Biotech Fund Alongside Novartis

Verily Life Sciences, Alphabet’s life sciences division, is investing in a fund that will acquire stakes in biotech groups based in Europe. This is the latest show of interest by the tech giant in the biotechnology sector. The management of the fund which will be worth approximately $300 million will be under Medicxi, a venture […]

Tyson Foods In Recall After Product Found To Contain Undisclosed Allergen

Breaded chicken that is ready-to-eat weighing approximately close to two and a half million pounds has been recalled by Tyson Foods Inc after it was discovered to be bearing labels which did not take note of the fact that one of the ingredients in the bread crumbs was milk. This was according to the Food […]

Ford Motors To Reduce Summer Shutdown At Louisville Plant Due To Strong Demand

Ford has announced that it will be reducing the yearly summer shutdown from two weeks to one at its assembly plant located in Louisville. The reduction in the summer break has been necessitated by the high demand that has been registered in the SUV segment. According to the car maker, sales of the Lincoln MKC […]

Mexico And U.S. Reach Agreement On Sugar Exports

The United States and Mexico have reached an agreement on the terms of access for Mexican sugar and this will see the level of refined sugar that Mexico exports to its northern neighbor reduce possibly raising the prices of sugar for consumers and food processors in the U.S. Producers of sugar in United States, however, […]

Canada Goose Releases Better-Than-Expected Q4 Results

In its first financial report as a public company, the brick and mortar and online retail business of Canada Goose registered impressive results which even beat the estimates that had earlier been put out by analysts. Consequently, the shares of the Toronto, Canada-based apparel and accessories maker appreciated by over 16% as a result of […]

Drugmakers Sued By Ohio Attorney General Over Opioid Crisis

The attorney general of Ohio has filed a lawsuit against five pharmaceutical companies for allegedly misleading patients concerning the dangers posed by painkillers as well as promoting drug benefits that couldn’t be backed by science. Since the drugmakers brought on the state a deadly mess, they now needed to foot the bill of cleaning up […]

Archive Feature Introduced On Google Photos For Decluttering And Privacy Purposes

Google Photos now has a new feature which allows users to archive the pictures from the main feed. This hides the photos and thereby assisting in decluttering and also ensuring that private photos are kept away from the public eye. In order to archive a photo all that users are required to do is to […]

Chipotle Announces Malware Used in Payment Systems that Caused Data Breach

On Friday, Chipotle Mexican Grill said that it has discerned new information regarding its March-April data breach at its restaurants; information which points to hackers using malware to steal customer payment information. In the statement, Chipotle Mexican Grill says that bank account information, card expiration dates, and verification codes could all be accessed by the […]

Analysts Put Waymo’s Value At $70 Billion

According to analysts from Morgan Stanley, Google’s autonomous car unit Waymo could be worth more than car giants such as Ford and General Motors. In a note to clients the analysts said that Waymo’s value stood at $70 billion. The valuation comes after the self-driving car unit of Google entered into a partnership with Lyft, […]

Blackstone To Raise $100 Billion For U.S. Infrastructure

Blackstone Group is planning to contribute $100 billion towards infrastructure investments in the U.S. As part of its strategy, the largest private equity manager in the world will get a contribution of $20 billion from the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia. Blackstone will also raise a similar figure from other investors and the rest […]

Fall In Oil Prices As Trump Proposes Cutting U.S. Strategic Oil Reserves

The price of oil declined on Tuesday after it was reported that the president of the United States, Donald Trump, had proposed in a budget plan that 50% of the strategic oil reserves that the U.S. holds be sold off. This coincided with a plan by OPEC-member countries and even some non-member countries to extend […]

Ford Motor Company To Invest $350 million in New Transmission Plant, in Michigan

Ford Motor Company has recently reported it is investing $350 million in its Livonia Transmission Plant in order to diversity and expand its manufacturing output. This will add 800 jobs to the Detroit facility. The company says it expects to start adding these new jobs towards the end of this year, though most jobs will […]

Chicago Tribune Owner Seeking To Acquire Chicago Sun-Times

Rival newspapers in Chicago could soon come under one owner after Chicago Tribune’s parent company declared its intention to acquire Chicago Sun-Times’ parent company. The two newspapers have pointed out that Chicago will still be a two-newspaper city since the Sun-Times will have its own separate newsroom that will allow it to operate independently from […]

Sears Suing Top Tool Vendor Over Contract Breach

In the midst of closure threats, it appears that Sears is not going down without a fight. The company is suing a top tool vendor, attesting that this vendor refuses to honor its contract with the retailer. Indeed, Sears Holding CEO Eddie Lampert says he is “taking a stand” in order to protect his company. […]

Square Enix To Part Ways With Io Interactive Making Hitman’s Future Uncertain

Square Enix, a Japanese games publisher, has disclosed that it is divesting from IO Interactive, a studio based in Denmark that is famous for the Hitman series. In a statement that was issued to investors, Square Enix disclosed that it had been hit by an extraordinary $42 million loss in the financial year that ended […]

U.S. Census Director Hands In Resignation As 2020 Count Looms

The U.S. Census Bureau director, John H. Thompson, has resigned as the federal agency gears up to conduct the 2020 census. This was announced by the Department of Commerce and comes as the bureau is facing a funding crisis. Thompson, who was appointed director in 2013 and who has worked at the bureau for more […]

Walmart Makes Patent Application For Technology Similar To Amazon Dash’s

A patent application for a technology that is similar to Amazon Dash’s has been made by Walmart. According to CB Insights, filing of the patent took place in October last year. Walmart’s technology will, however, be different from that of Amazon because it will need less effort. “While Dash buttons still require users to press […]

Puerto Rico In Bankruptcy Suit To Reduce Part Of The Debt

In what could amount to be the biggest declaration of bankruptcy by a local government in the United States, the governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rossello has asked for a restructuring of a part of the bond debt to be supervised by the courts. Currently, the combined municipal bond market in the United States is […]

Apple Expects To Continue Doing Well In India And Other Emerging Economies

The chief executive officer of Apple, Tim Cook, has disclosed that prospects for growth in India remain bright as the technological pace at which the country is moving is rapid. In the latest quarterly results revenue generated from India, which is the third largest smartphone market in the world after the United States and China, […]

HomeAdvisor Parent Company to Buy Rival Site Angie’s List

Angie’s List is a popular website where you can find freelance home improvement specialists—like plumbers and carpenters, etc—and its biggest online rival is a website called HomeAdvisor. Well, it looks like the two will no longer be in direct competition as HomeAdvisor’s parent company, IAC, has just bid to buy Angie’s List. The company is […]

Verizon Makes An Investment In An Autonomous Car Startup

Reports indicate that Verizon Communications has made an investment in Renovo Auto, a driverless car startup. This is in a funding round led by a firm known as True Ventures. Though Verizon did not disclose how much it invested in the startup, the figure that was intended to be raised in the round was $10 […]

As Competition Heats Up AT&T Unveils 5G Service That Is Basically 4G

The city of Austin, Texas will be the first to enjoy AT&T’s 5G Evolution after the telecommunications giant revealed that it had switched on the service. However, the service will be limited to subscribers who own the Samsung Galaxy S8. According to AT&T the speeds being enjoyed on the 5G Evolution service are double what […]

Uber Almost Banned From Apple For Violating App Rules

A report in the New York Times indicates that Uber’s app for the iPhone was once in danger of getting banned in 2015 when Apple discovered that Uber had figured out a way of identifying users by hardware ID after the deletion of the app from the device. And to prevent Apple from finding out […]

Coca-Cola Renews Fat-Trimming Strategy As New CEO Takes the Helm

The largest beverage company in the world, Coca-Cola Co, is looking to cut $800 million a year in costs to save a total of $3 billion, annually, under the guidance of new Chief Executive Officer, James Quincey. This is a budget-tightening measure that includes a spin off of many of the company’s bottling operations, making […]