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While most writers have years of experience and formal education, writing for me comes naturally. I started tinkering at a typewriter more than 40 years ago, cranking out both fiction and non-fiction pieces. Along with newsworthy pieces, I write about travel, home improvement, and technology. Although writing has always been a huge part of my life, now widowed it definitely fills a void. However, I have an amazing group of friends and wonderful family that I spend time barbecuing, sailing, and traveling with for pure enjoyment. [email protected]

Women Who Smoke Are At Higher Risk for Brain Bleed Stroke

It is common knowledge that smoking increases several health risks. In particular, smoking can increase risk for stroke. However, a new study says that women who smoke are more vulnerable to a particular type of stroke than men who smoke. Strokes characterized by bleeding originating in the lining of the brain are called subarachnoid hemorrhages. […]

Replace Carbs, Animal Fats with “Healthy” Dietary Fats to Reduce T2 Diabetes Risk

The debate over what you should eat to be healthy continues to confuse consumers as a new study says that eating more healthy fats—nuts, seeds, vegetable oils—can help to prevent or, at the very least control, type 2 diabetes. However, the study says that you have to eat these healthy fats in place of less […]

Does Pre-School Bedtime Affect Teenage Obesity?

There are many adages which advocate getting to bed early and getting a good night’s sleep. Right now, two come to mind. An old proverb says, “The early bird catches the worm;” while Benjamin Franklin famously rhymed, “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” And, sure, health research […]

Could We Be Near An Alzheimer's Cure?

Groundbreaking new clinical research indicates that an impressive vaccine to reverse the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease may begin testing in the United States within the next two or three years, especially since the US government has bankrolled the project. Obviously, Alzheimer’s “disease” is not an infection, so the term “vaccine” more relates to the […]

Does Dietary Magnesium Lower Hypertension Risk?

Everyone is looking for more ways to be healthy. While this is often easiest achieved by taking more medicines, the desire to achieve healthy lifestyle changes is growing. Yes, more and more people are coming to realize that simple changes in diet and exercise can do wonders for the body—at any age—helping to improve health […]

Harvard Scientists BioEngineer “Stingray” Robot from Heart Muscles

Over the past year or so we have seen engineers develop robots that mimic the behaviors and movements of living organisms. Some drones can maneuver through the air like insects, or through the water like dolphins, or on land like a cheetah. But new research out of Harvard University has now yielded a new kind […]

US Navy Funds Bomb Hunting BioBug Project

Bioengineers have been experimenting with outfitting organisms with technology to help mankind explore areas of this world that are difficult for humans access. From disaster area search and rescue cockroaches to a new locust that sniff out bombs, much of this technology has been designed specifically with the betterment of life on Earth in mind. […]

Test Could Improve Necessary Prescription Rate of Antibiotics in the Future

Health experts have been warning about the overuse of antibiotics in the United States for a long time now—even being prescribed to treat viral infections—and we are finally starting to see the evidence of it.   Superbugs, of course, have become a real thing, and now the same health experts advise that we need to […]

Addiction is Easier When you Mix Tobacco and Cannabis

It seems there is a bit of confusion when it comes to addictive substances, at least in terms of how addictive tobacco and cannabis are. These are the two most used drugs in the world, according to data from the World Health Organization and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.  Roughly one billion […]

Italian Study Says Pasta Does Not Make You Fat

Over the past decade or two, pasta has earned a bit of a bad reputation in terms of nutritional value.  Thanks to low-carb dieting, pasta has been vilified as a fattening food and that led many people to reduce their intake—or stop eating it entirely.  And that, of course, has affected the pasta industry as […]

Have Scientists Discovered the Oldest Known Man-Made Telescope, in Portugal?

Any discovery of ancient structures is a pretty cool find but most tombs, and whatnot, but for the most part these discoveries are roughly the same. But once in awhile, scientist find something that seems innocuous but turns out to be so much more.  According to a new study led by Fabio Silva—of the University […]

Experts Warn Light Pollution Causing Premature Spring in Many Regions

Civilization—the sign of great Human progress—comes only with great perseverance. Apparently, though, it is also comes with many great risks that would have been difficult to anticipate early on. And sometimes these risks put the environment in jeopardy. Sure, we are talking about pollution, here. Indeed, city scapes contribute the burning of fossil fuels and […]

Do Hand Sanitizers Actually Work? The FDA Wants to Know…

Federal health officials are currently investigating whether or not hand sanitizers—the very same hand sanitizers already used by millions of Americans—actually work as well as manufacturers claim they do.  Perhaps more importantly, the FDA wants to know if their continued and growing use contributes to more health risks. According to the US Food and Drug […]

Could An Old Blood Disorders Drug Also Boost Memory?

You may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks but, apparently, you can use an old drug to treat new conditions. In a recent study, scientists have learned that a long-used drug called methylene blue could actually restore activity in brain regions that have slowed to cause short-term memory and attention loss. […]

Amber Fossil Research Shows Prehistoric Insects Used Artificial Camouflage

Camouflage has long been one of the most significant evolutionary advantages. Insects have largely benefited from this characteristic, developing exoskeletons or other features (like wings) that make the organism blend in with the background or create an optical illusion that can confuse predators. Humans, of course, have learned from this adaptation by developing our own […]

Should Doctors Screen for Teen Suicide?

Here’s a shocking statistic: suicide is now regarded as the second leading cause of death among adolescents. According to the latest American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) report, suicide has dramatically risen since 2007 to become the second most common form of death among teens. In 2007, when the original report was published, suicide was the […]

FDA Scheduled to Take Major Actions On Eli Lilly Drug Next Week

On Tuesday, major drug companies will face key US Food and Drug Administration actions that will very likely affect the future of their industry-leading disease-treatment properties. Yes, on this coming Tuesday, an FDA advisory committee will meet to discuss the expansion of the Jardinance label. This is Eli-Lilly’s 2-year-old drug for the treatment of type […]

Does the Attractiveness of a Women Affect the Likelihood A Man Will Use a Condom During Intercourse?

It would probably not come as a surprise to learn that men might be a little more befuddled around women they find attractive. But a new study says that the hotter a women is, the less likely it is that a guy will wear a condom during intercourse. According to lead study author Anastasia Eleftheriou, […]

Scientists Successfully Develop Embryo in A Laboratory for 13 Days

A group of scientists have been studying human embryo development in a laboratory setting and they have recently reported the successful growth of an embryo outside the human body. While the embryo only lived for 13 days, it is the first step in gaining new insight on the early stages of human life. “We will learn […]

Ritualistic Human Sacrifice Found Linked to Modern Social Hierarchy

The latest research suggests there is a significant connection between ritual human sacrifice and social hierarchy. University of Auckland scientists have confirmed this correlation by analyzing and comparing the traditional cultures of Austronesia; this is a region of the globe which encompasses several dozen islands including those of Polynesia, Micronesia, and Melanesia. Using prior ethnographic […]

Could High-Fat Dairy Products Be Better For You Than Low-Fat Dairy Products?

There is no doubt the benefits of a proper diet; but what, exactly, does that entail? For example, a new study suggests that full-fat dairy options might help lower diabetes risk. In this new study, scientists analyzed blood samples from 3,333 adults to find that in a span of 15 years, those who consumed higher […]

Obesity Now Regarded as Global Health Concern

Obesity has long been a major health concern in the United States, growing to become a more notable issue in Europe too. But several new studies warn that obesity is quickly becoming a major global problem too, even in countries who seem to have a food scarcity problem. According to one Lancet study, average body […]

Washington State Lawmakers Reach Bipartisan Supplemental Budget Agreement

Budget leaders in both the Washington state Senate and the House or Representatives announced, on Monday, an agreement to update the state’s present two-year operating budget. The state Congress has been working on a supplemental 2015-2017 budget since the regular legislative session of 2016. And the new agreement will update the spending plan to include […]

Washington State Vapor Smoking Bill Passes Senate, Moves to House

In Olympia, yesterday, Washington State Senators voted to approve a new bill aimed at reducing youth access to vapor products. Passing in a 37-6 vote, the bill combines several proposals focusing on improving the health of the state’s youth, specifically including agency requests from both the Attorney General Bob Ferguson as well as Governor Jay […]

Domino's Pizza Tests Pizza Delivery Robot in Australia

Pizza is one of the most beloved foods in the developed world. Of course one reason for this is that you can have it any way you want it. It might also have something to do with the fact that you can have it delivered to your front door at almost any hour of the […]

Twitter Knows When You’ve Been Drinking..

Anyone trying to survive in the modern world—with all of its technological bells and whistles—understands the convenience of mobile phones. And, along with it, there should also be great awareness of the benefits and risks of such a convenient piece of powerful technology. Of course, having the ability to communicate at your fingertips anywhere and […]

Community Truancy Boards Mandated for Washington State School Districts

With a new bill passed by the Legislature whereby all school districts in Washington state must establish community truancy boards, officials anticipate a reduction in the number of students who skip school but more importantly, stay out of the court system. Skipping school too often in Washington state is a crime. However, parents taking away […]

Alan Jackson Scheduled to Perform at the Washington State Fair

Mega country star Alan Jackson will perform at this year’s Washington State Fair held in Puyallup. Anyone interested in the Columbia Bank concert series, which includes the “Keepin’ it Country” tour on September 17, can purchase tickets at starting at 10:00 am on March 19. Ticket prices range between $50 and $85, which covers […]

Every Doctor Can Prescribe Opiates; Less than Three Percent Can Prescribe Cessation Medication

Opioid addiction is hitting Americans hard and this largely due to the widespread accessibility of opioid drugs. While heroin, of course, has long been the opiate form of choice in the public eye, the increase in opioid abuse over the past decade or so has been the result of flourishing narcotic painkillers flooding the market. […]

Does Size Matter? In Terms of Income, Apparently So.

Income equality continues to be a hot topic in the United States, where all people supposedly have the same rights but women still make $0.70 on the dollar of a man. Is that discrimination? It would appear so, but does this discrimination occur only among women? And does it only happen in the United States? […]

Medicare Looking For New Drug Reimbursement Model To Lower Medication Prices

In an effort to drive costs down while improving patient care quality, Medicare officials have recently proposed doctors receive new drug reimbursements. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have just announced its plans to test several new methods for paying out these reimbursements over the next five years by connecting them with patient […]

Be Warned: New Blood Pressure Monitoring App Could Be Entirely Too Inaccurate

An accurate blood pressure reading is one of the most important screening tools doctors have for diagnosing patients. So it would make sense that a blood pressure reading mobile application might be a perfect tool for doctors to ensure patients can monitor their blood pressure on the go (if it is necessary). But just because […]

Forgotten Museum Fossil Analyzed, Reveals Something Big about One of the Earth’s Biggest Predators

The fossilized femur of a dinosaur had been waiting for analysis at the Museum of Geology and Paleontology, in Palermo, Italy. Even though this bone was about the size of a bus—approximately 30 feet in length and weighing as much as two tons—it had been somehow overlooked. Thankfully, researchers took a a look at it this […]

Surgery Procedures Compared to Nations in Poverty

The number of surgeries performed around the world continues to grow at a steady pace but this is happening more often in the developed world. Perhaps this makes sense: health care—and money—is more plentiful, regulated in the First World. But researchers are learning that there is a tremendous gap in surgical care between rich and […]

Are The Human Sleep And Eat Cycles Connected?

Sleep deprivation is a big problem in America—studies suggest that roughly one-third of Americans don’t get enough. But while it, alone, is a problem, it can also lead to other complications too. Sleep deprivation, of course, leaves you fatigued and hazy, often confused or forgetful; but it can also affect cognitive decision making and even […]

Scientists Marvel At Extremely Well-Preserved 520-Million Year Old Vertebrate

A fossil recently discovered in southern China is so well-preserved that scientists can examine each of the animal’s individual nerves, visibly. Of course, this is the very first time researchers have found anything this old yet this detailed. The fossil is that of a Chengjiangocaris kunmingensis, and it lived—not surprisingly—during the Cambrian ‘explosion.’ This is […]

New Owners to Take Over the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad

Tom Murray who founded the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad has finally completed heavy negotiations with Wayne Rankin and Al Harper who will be taking the steam train company in Elbe over. As promised by the new owners, people can anticipate a completely new production for the upcoming season. As expressed in a statement by the […]

News Tech Tacoma: Part of a Bigger Network

The meetup group of News Tacoma Tech has quickly become the place to go for both new and established companies interested in sharing innovative ideas, learning about cutting-edge technology, and networking for business contacts. The meeting place features bright glowing blue and pink lights that are more reminiscent of an up and coming nightclub. However, […]

Food Supply Could Be At Risk if We Do Not Protect Our Pollinators

Ecologists have warned, for many years, of the threat posed by the decline of pollinating insects. Increasing survival risks for bees and other important insects are making it harder for these very important components of the natural cycle to survive. This means that we could lose crops like apples, berries, and coffee. While that will […]

Fossil Teeth Help Tell the Human Evolutionary Story ?

New analysis of fossil evidence uses the evolution of teeth to track the story of Mankind. Scientists believe the new findings could improve our understanding of the connection between modern humans and the fossil record of human ancestry. Experts have tried for many years to learn more about human evolution through the analysis of human […]

Cambridge Research Links Obesity with Poor Memory

The results of a recent study suggest that young adults who are overweight may have poorer episodic memory than their less stout counterparts. Published in The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, the preliminary study provides early evidence that higher body mass index (BMI) might be related to memory problems. While the study was small, the […]

SpaceX To Launch New Rocket In Florida

Elon Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) has been feverishly working to improve its rockets to complete their mission goals. Of course, things don’t always go as planned and the company has to go back to the drawing board, which they have done once again; and now they are ready to try again with the launch […]

Desert Beetle Helps to Inspire Material Which Can Harvest Water from Air

Scientists have found that the bumpy shell of the desert-dwelling Namib beetle is more than just a protective layer. As a matter of fact, the beetle’s bumpy shell help the insect to survive the desert by also extracting moisture from the air. And now scientists from Harvard University are using this idea—along with similar functions […]

Breakthrough: Pancreatic Cancer is Actually Four Separate Diseases

Remarkable new research has determined that the condition we call pancreatic cancer is actually four distinct diseases. The researchers hope, of course, that this could revolutionize methods for combating it. Study leader, Professor Sean Grimmond, shares: “This study demonstrates that pancreatic cancer is better considered as four separate diseases, with different survival rates, treatments and […]

Landmark UNC Study Turns Skin Cells into Cancer Hunting Stem Cells

Researchers out of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill have just concluded a study in which they have been able to convert human skin cells into cancer hunting stem cells that can target glioblastoma brain tumors. Of course, the landmark study could pave the way for more cancer treatments in the future. Glioblastomas are aggressive […]

Neuroscientists Investigate Why People Can Sometimes Do Terrible Things Under Authoritarian Order

A team of neuroscientists have announced, this week, the location of the part of the brain that reacts to receiving an order from a figure of authority in which that order dictates they inflict pain on another person. This study expands on experiments from psychologist Stanley Milgram which were conducted during the 1960s, as a […]