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I was fortunate enough in high school to land a place on the writing team for the school newspaper. For me, writing was much more than a hobby, it was a passion that allowed me to move into a career as a staff writer for a popular Washington State newspaper. Over the years, I have provided valuable content for various off and online publications. Having been married to my husband for the past 20 years is another huge accomplishment. We have four of the most wonderful children, two who share the same love of writing with me. [email protected]

Obama Pulls Fewer Troops From Afghanistan Than Promised As Conflict Increases

President Obama has just let known that he plans to leave 8,400 US troops in Afghanistan through the end of his final term as US Commander-In-Chief.  This admission, of course, falls a little short of the promise to greatly reduce our presence there; a cornerstone of his initial pledge to pull our troops out of […]

Can Latest Hostess Public Trading Buyout Save the Struggling Snack Cake Brand?

America’s favorite snack cake has lost some popularity of late, thanks to the push towards healthier fare.  Indeed, more and more Americans are staying away from processed foods and sweet, shelf-stored desserts, putting long-time favorites like Twinkies and Ding Dongs under immense pressure. As such, Hostess Brands is hoping that the new majority stake sale […]

Clemson University Says Education Has Helped Improve Sexual Assault Reporting

Officials at Clemson University have received more reports of sexual offenses on campus. However, while that certainly sounds like a bad thing, they say that the reports have increased after the school started an education and awareness campaign. As such, Pickens County Advocacy Center executive director, Shannon Lambert, suggests that the higher number of reports […]

Can THC Cure or Slow The Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease?

Two areas of research  have converged this week as researchers are now saying that [medical] marijuana appears to benefit Alzheimer’s patients.  This could be tremendous news as Alzheimer’s disease is the only one in the top 10 causes of death that cannot be prevented, cured, or slowed.  Therefore, any new discoveries which shows benefit to […]

Can Omega-3 Fatty Acid Really Reduce Risk of Fatal Heart Attack?

Over the past several years or so there has been a lot of research investigating the efficacy of Omega-3 fatty acid supplements.  Animal based omega-3 fatty acids (found in fatty fish like salmon) and plant-based alpha-linolenic acid (an omega-3 called ALA, found in walnuts, canola oil, and other seeds and nuts) are believed to have […]

Scientists Report Discovery of Desperately-Needed Helium Reserves

In 1996, the United States privatized the National Helium Reserve, selling off shares of the gas on the cheap. This, of course, quickly depleted what was the world’s largest supply of natural helium. As such, we are threatened with a helium shortage but, fortunately, researchers claim to have discovered a new field of helium in […]

New Senate Bill Ensures Strong Future For Washington State Public Charter School Students

It has been quite a tough year for the Washington State charter school system.  Just as the school year began, the Washington State Supreme Court invalidated the most recent public charter school approved by voters, jeopardizing quality education for many young students in the Pacific Northwest. Of course, the education system across the country is […]

Coffee Shop and Restaurant Receives Approval from Lacey City Council

Last Thursday, a proposed coffee shop and restaurant development located on Sleater-Kinney Road received approval for a conditional use permit from the Lacey City Council in a 5-1 vote. The only council member who voted against the permit was Virgil Clarkson who expressed potential issues with traffic. Currently, the southeast area of Sleater-Kinney Road sits […]

Olympia’s Emergency Management Goals Ahead of June’s Earthquake Drill

The 2016 Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan should receive approval on March 15 from the city council without incident. In June, the city of Olympia will participate in a critical earthquake drill, which will help residents be ready to respond but also assist in the recovery of the city in the event of an earthquake disaster. […]

Thurston County Residents Encouraged to Recycle Clothes

According to experts, the seventh largest category of waste in Thurston County Washington is textiles. Through a program called Threadcycle, Goodwill recycles all types of textiles and clothing items that simply do not sell. Every year, the average America tosses out as much as 70 pounds of clothing, as well as other textiles. That means […]

Construction on Downtown Columbia Place Looking Optimistic

Construction on a six-story building that would cover an entire city block at 503 Capitol Way may be gaining some momentum. Known as Columbia Place, the project would share the same area with the Percival Plaza, Doubletree Hotel, and Boardwalk Apartments. The plan includes office, residential, and retail space, as well as a parking garage. […]