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I grew up in Alaska but moved with my family to Washington state at the age of 12. Throughout high school and into my first year of college, I had no clue the direction of the path I would take in life. By happenstance, I created a paper about famous writers, which immediately captured my interest. I realized that through words, I could express myself but also share information with people all over the world. Finally, I knew my calling, to become a writer. I changed my degree, finally earning a Master’s in journalism. In college, I met my beautiful wife, who is also a writer. Together, we spend countless hours conducting research and writing pieces that are compelling to readers. In our off time, we enjoy spending time at the beach and supporting local charity work. [email protected]

Will Gonorrhea Soon Be Completely Resistant to Antibiotics?

One of the most dire developments of the past few years is that of the Superbugs. These are strains of bacteria that have evolved to become resistant to antibiotics. And as doctors and scientists scramble to develop a remedy, these bugs keep getting stronger, making this new dilemma one that we may not be able […]

Obese Men at Higher Risk for Premature Death Than Obese Women, But Why?

Obesity continues to be a big problem in the United States and a growing problem across the globe, no pun(s) intended. But all kidding aside, highly processed foods, toxins in the environment, and sedentary lifestyles are adding size to midsection and, according to a new study, subtracting years from the average lifespan. In a recent […]

US Federal Regulators Ban Theranos Founder From Operating Blood Testing Labs

U.S. Federal health regulators have just hit Theranos Inc with a huge wake up call. The agency has banned Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes from blood-testing laboratory operation for at least two years. Of course, they have also pulled the firms regulatory approval for its laboratory in California. The sanctions—set by the Centers for Medicare and […]

“Drunkorexia” Becoming A Big Problem Among College Students

College students drinking alcohol is not news. College students bingeing on alcohol is not news.  But college students intentionally avoiding food in order to “prepare” for excessive drinking is definitely something to talk about. It is called “Drunkorexia” and it is not necessarily new, but it has apparently greatly increased over the past few years. […]

Is There A Wealth of Groundwater Deep Beneath California?

It is no big secret that California suffers a consistent water shortage. Sure, it is not always so dire but, in general, it is easy to assume that, at some point, Californians will find themselves in drought conditions. This is becoming increasingly apparent, too, as the temperature continues to rise from Global Warming. But a […]

New Analysis of Old “Deep Skull” Surprises Scientists

The skull may have been found in the Niah Cave (in Sarawak, an island in Southeast Asia) in 1958, by Sarawak Museum’s Tom Harrison, but advancements in technology have allowed for new insights, and the insights the research have made are quite astonishing. The latest research has, led by University of New South Wales (UNSW) […]

Study Proves Helicopter Parenting—Hovering—Is Bad For Kids

Parents want the best for their kids. Sure, that much is obvious, but sometimes those high expectations—mixed with a little anxiety, perhaps—results in paying a little too much attention to a child’s life and that, according to a new study, can be quite a detriment. In this new, five-year study, scientists found that hovering—also known […]

Does Connecticut Have a Fentanyl Epidemic on their Hands?

Public officials in New Haven, CT reported, on Thursday, they are experiencing what can only be described as a public health emergency. This is on the heels of two deaths and more than a dozen overdoses due to tainted street drugs. New Haven officials said that they have declared an immediate warning of the prevalence […]

Sedro-Woolley School District Makes Music Available to Elementary Students

Designing curriculum remains one of the most difficult, complicated aspects of the education system. In public schools across the country, figuring out which subjects deserve the most attention continues to complicate the school day. While America has finally moved into a modern ideology with STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) it is also important to […]

Birds Breeding Above Alligators For Protection in the Everglades Pay Progenial Price

In order for any ecosystem to thrive the organisms therein must reach symbiosis. This is as much an evolutionary relationship as it is balance of the predator/prey relationship. For example, we know that some animals and plants function better during the summer months while others function better during winter. Obviously, these are seasonal organisms. We […]

Trial for Mother Accused of Killing Her Son Underway

In 2014, 18-month-old William Bradsnyder died in a fire on Steamboat Island Road. The child’s mother, Ashley Conroy who was charged with manslaughter, is now facing her actions in a court of law. Within hours of the baby dying, Ashley made a comment to investigators that the child’s aunt was going to be mad. When […]

Chilly Hilly to Start the Busy Cycling Season

Scheduled for February 28, the 33-mile loop going around Bainbridge Island will kick off the busy cycling season in Olympia, Washington. Cycling is an extremely popular sport in Washington state and in support, several official challenges are organized. For the past 44 years, Chilly Hilly has been the unofficial launch of the cycling season. While […]

Controversial Land Use Enforcement Code for Thurston County Resurfaces

Commissioners with Thurston County plan to revisit a highly controversial land use enforcement issue sometime later this week. The initial meeting on the subject occurred in October of 2013. Now, officials with the county say they will present Title 26, which will consolidate a number of regulations. Some people living in this part of Washington […]

Mason County Man Has First Reported Case of Zika Virus

After visiting a Thurston County hospital, doctors confirmed that a man in his 20’s from the Olympia Washington area does in fact have the Zika virus. According to health officials, Zika is spread through the bite of a mosquito but that specific type of mosquito does not live in the Washington state area. It was […]