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Although I have only been a professional freelance writer for five years, I have had numerous opportunities. After completing college, I hooked up with a writer’s group where I gained tremendous knowledge and insight that has allowed me to achieve a successful career doing what I love most. On a personal note, I will be getting married this summer to the man of my dreams. We have two Labradors that for now are our “children”. We also have amazing families and friends who we spend a lot of quality time with when not working. [email protected]

Satellite Data Shows Modern Fracking Causes Earthquakes

Modern technology helps mankind to do a lot of things that previous generations may never have imagined would be possible. Satellites, for example, continue to let us monitor both other planets as well as our own. Fracking allows us to drill for oil deep within the Earth’s crust; oil we use for fuel in transportation, […]

Could a Chicken-based Mosquito Repellent Protect Humans from Malaria?

Researchers from Sweden appears to imply that mosquitoes—and malaria mosquitoes, in particular—are not a big fan of poultry. The researchers conducted several experiments in Western Ethiopia involving the collection and analysis of blood-feeding patterns of the female of the Anopheles arabiensis mosquitoes, which is one of the more dominant causes of malaria in the sub-Saharan […]

Has The Kepler Space Telescope Found Two Habitable Exoplanets?

For centuries (more like since the beginning of time), mankind has been fascinated with the Heavens. While we contemplated the source of the celestial bodies through the earliest of known history, and began mapping them as we explored the planet, our understanding of the stars, planets, and other types of matter in space has really […]

Capuchin Monkeys Found To Have Evolved Tool Use maybe 700 years Ago

Humans have been the most ingenious species to ever live on this planet; at least, as far as we have been able to discern. However, we continue to learn more and more about our ape cousins and how they came to understand and develop tools. Cashew nuts are naturally protected by a thick shell which […]

Thurston County Officials Move Forward on New Mental Health Facility Plan

According to the Washington State Department of Health, the application of a New York based company’s 75-bed mental health hospital has been approved in Thurston County. Now construction can begin once the company agrees to the state’s listed conditions. The Washington State Department of Health review of the US HealthVest certificate of need application—paperwork required […]

CERN’s LHC Finds Three New Particles and Identifies a Fourth

The Large Hadron Collider is Europe’s largest particle accelerator and it is now operating again.  And two recently published studies now describe that the machine’s latest round of experiments have resulted in the identification of three new “exotic” particles and confirmed the existence—yet undiscovered—fourth new particle. These newly-identified particles are considered “exotic” because they contain […]

Can Plants Possess The Ability To Make Risky Decisions?

The lowly pea doesn’t really much of a reputation. Sure it is known as a crisp and sweet vegetable, used in stews, stir fry, and even soup.  It is nutritious and tasty but apparently it is also very smart. Ok, peas do not have brains, but many plants exhibit behaviors quite similar to human intelligence. […]

Have We Fixed the Hole in the Ozone Layer?

While most of us continue to scratch our heads about what to do regarding climate change, scientists are throwing another log on the proverbial fire claiming that the gaping hole in our planet’s ozone layer is healing itself. In a new study—published on Thursday in the journal Science—the ozone hole above the South Pole is […]

Could Breast Cancer Gene Also Increase Risk for Uterine Cancer?

The thing about cancer is that if you are at risk for one cancer there is also a very good chance you are also at risk for other cancers.  This is just the nature of cancer—it has no prejudice.  A new study continues to point this out as scientists have recently learned that women with […]

Experts Warn Penguin Population Could Fall by 60 percent By 2099

Climate change is undeniable, but understanding its effects—particularly several years down the road—is much more difficult. As such, then, we continue to learn more and more about our planetary concerns over the next few years. And, according to a paper published in the June 29th edition of Scientific Reports, roughly 30 percent of the current […]

Will Invasive Lionfish Overturn Aquatic Mediterranean Ecosystems?

Scientists have identified an invasive species of lionfish is becoming more prolific in the Mediterranean waterways.  Apparently, the warmer temperatures around the Suez canal have motivated these normally Atlantic ocean dwelling creatures to move further inland.  Obviously, this can upset the local ecosystem in terms of food supply, but these animals are also predatory and […]

It Seems Monkeys, Like Humans, Shed Friends As They Age

You may have noticed, over time, you begin to shrink your social circle. During the teen years, of course, one of the most important goals in life is to develop a lot of friends. But as we get older we start to realize that we need fewer friends and more quality relationships. As a result, […]

Scientists Conduct Experiment to Investigate How Exercise is Tied To Memory

Apparently, it is commonly known that treadmill training can boost memory recall. Of course, scientists had a basic understanding of the relationship between proteins, exercise, and neuron growth, but they wanted to take a closer look. And so, a new study—which has been published in the journal Cell Metabolism—investigates more closely how exercise can improve […]

Free Tours of Working Waterfront Hosted by the Port of Olympia

Almost monthly, fun, educational, and free tours of the Marine Terminal in Port of Olympia are available for interested parties. From the downtown Olympia location, these tours are designed to give residents and visitors the chance to learn how the international shipping terminal in Thurston County works. As part of the tour, you can watch […]

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee Imposes Travel Ban for Mississippi

Almost two weeks ago, North Carolina’s Governor Pat McCrory passed a law that explicitly discriminates against gay, lesbian, and transgender people. Immediately, Washington state Governor, Jay Inslee took action by imposing a ban on all state-funded travel into that state. Last week, Mississippi passed a similar discriminatory law, which prompted Inslee to again set boundaries. […]

Numbers for Olympia High School Yacht Club Are Skyrocketing

As the end of the school year quickly approaches for seniors at Olympia High School, many students are trying to determine their next move. To determine the best college options, students are creating short lists based on the most important criteria. For an increasing number of students from Olympia High School and local middle schools, […]

Coming Spring Entertainment in Olympia

For people living in and around Olympia, Washington, there are always exciting things to do and see. This March through May is no different, with a variety of events. The Language Archive Running through May 5 is “The Language Archive”. Held at Harlequin Productions, the main character George studies dead languages but also records conversations […]

Lacey to Get a New Primary Care Clinic

Standing at 4800 College are three buildings, one being a clinic that helps people with chemical dependency problems but sometime this November, that building will become home to a new primary care clinic. The chemical dependency clinic will move to a new location within the Woodland Square Loop. The new Providence Multi-Service Clinic has strong […]

Washington State Governor Insless Bar Non-Essential State-Funded Travel to North Carolina

As a concept, the United States is a Romantic ideal: a welcoming haven for anyone with a dream and the passion to see it realized. It was supposed to be a place where communities (called States) could convene of their own wishes and govern themselves under a somewhat flexible set of statutes in order to […]

Possible Shut Down of Salmon Fishing Off Washington Coastline

For the people of Olympia and other cities in Washington state, salmon fishing is both a recreational activity and commercial business. Unfortunately, fishing in open waters off the Pacific coast could be shut down for the 2016 season due to low returns of Coho salmon to the Columbia River. Until the Pacific Fishery Management Council […]

Nest Moves Towards More Home and Personal Integration

The fully integrated home may still seem like decades away for most people but the Internet of Things is on the cusp of a full breakthrough in everyday society. Nest is one company on the forefront of this industry, best known for their internet-connected thermostats and smoke alarms that help to ensure your home is […]

University of Texas Researchers Link Carbohydrates with Lung Cancer

Over the past several years, many health warnings have come out against eating too many carbohydrates. While carbohydrates are necessary for energy production, the American diet is still a little too rife with them, and refined carbohydrates in particular. But while eating too many carbohydrates can lead to higher risk for adipose fat and obesity […]

Upcoming Events at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts

With vaudeville roots, the Washington Center for the Performing Arts offers a wide range of performances sure to please everyone. For 2016, the Center has an incredible lineup of entertainment planned. • The Producers – On March 5, the Producers comedy and musical is being presented. As the recipient of 12 Tony Awards, including Best […]

Things Heating Up Over Olympia Transit Center Death

Following the death of a man arrested at the Olympia Transit Center things are heating up as protestors demand answers. The ordeal started when a man was arrested outside of the transit facility. Once he was placed in the ambulance, something went wrong, leading to his death. Immediately following the incident, investigators showed up to […]

Fire in Thurston County Under Investigation for Potential Arson

In what Olympia police, as well as Assistant Chief Brent McBride, Firefighter Jake Zvirdys, and Lieutenant Adam Graham believe to be arson, a home located in the 6900 block of Marvin Road Northeast was completely destroyed by fire. Although no suspect has been arrested at this time, officials believe a squatter is responsible for the […]

Employee of the Department of Ecology Accused of Stealing Celebration Funds

After being accused of stealing celebration funds, environmental specialist Mary N. Lynum pled not guilty. For more than 20 years, Lynum had been employed at the Department of Ecology and until her trial, she will continue in her position while working from home. Lynum was accused of taking almost $17,000 from a fund setup for […]

Artesian Commons to Get Lights for Enhanced Safety

Starting the week of February 29, 2016, the Artesian Commons will be getting additional lights as a way of enhancing safety. At this time, completion for the project is scheduled for April 9. Although lights in seven alleys were added in 2015 as a way of deterring crime, the people of Olympia have continued to […]

Proposed Yelm Highway Annexation to Boost Traffic

According to nearby property owners and residents, the proposed annexation for the Yelm Highway will cause traffic problems. The 8.5-acre area that resides at Yelm Highway and Henderson Boulevard has people concerned that the amount and density of traffic will become a serious issue. For the annexation to go forward, the Olympia City Council must […]

“Honk” Musical Featuring Olympia School Districts Employees

Running through this Sunday, the Olympia School District is featuring the musical Honk. What makes this production so unique is that employees of the district are the stars. Proceeds for Honk, which is a storyline based on “The Ugly Duckling” will be used to support teacher grants, as well as several additional educational foundation efforts. […]