Maine Split Over, But in Support Of New Higher-Income tax To Fund Education

While there is, overall, a major split along party lines, most residents of Maine appear to favor more taxes on personal incomes in excess of $200,000 to help improve funding for education. This is according to a new poll from Portland Press Herald. Looking more closely at the poll, it appears that more than 60 […]

Early Childhood Care Workers (and Educators) Grossly Underpaid, Study Warns

If you ask any American they will likely tell you that early education is important for the development of our children; after all, they are the future. Unfortunately, while most agree that this is true, the most recent statistics show that funding for early education does not reflect the sentiment. Indeed, the most recent data […]

Hillary Clinton Announces New 3-Month Education Loan Repayment Hiatus Plan

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton announced plans to propose a new federal loan repayment plan which will allow those with student loans to have a guaranteed three month hiatus—after graduation—to refinance their loans into a more favorable repayment contract. Clinton has long made loan refinancing a significant component of her plan to make college more […]

Clemson University Says Education Has Helped Improve Sexual Assault Reporting

Officials at Clemson University have received more reports of sexual offenses on campus. However, while that certainly sounds like a bad thing, they say that the reports have increased after the school started an education and awareness campaign. As such, Pickens County Advocacy Center executive director, Shannon Lambert, suggests that the higher number of reports […]

Sedro-Woolley School District Makes Music Available to Elementary Students

Designing curriculum remains one of the most difficult, complicated aspects of the education system. In public schools across the country, figuring out which subjects deserve the most attention continues to complicate the school day. While America has finally moved into a modern ideology with STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) it is also important to […]

New Senate Bill Ensures Strong Future For Washington State Public Charter School Students

It has been quite a tough year for the Washington State charter school system.  Just as the school year began, the Washington State Supreme Court invalidated the most recent public charter school approved by voters, jeopardizing quality education for many young students in the Pacific Northwest. Of course, the education system across the country is […]

Washington State Lawmakers Reach Bipartisan Supplemental Budget Agreement

Budget leaders in both the Washington state Senate and the House or Representatives announced, on Monday, an agreement to update the state’s present two-year operating budget. The state Congress has been working on a supplemental 2015-2017 budget since the regular legislative session of 2016. And the new agreement will update the spending plan to include […]

District Officials Seeking Contract Mediator for Teachers in Tumwater

Washington state is experiencing a major shortage of qualified teachers. There are actually several reasons, including the fact that teachers typically have numerous job opportunities. Therefore, unless specific school districts in the state can offer something extraordinary, potential recruits are going elsewhere. Due to ongoing budget talks, pay for teachers in Washington state is simply […]

“Honk” Musical Featuring Olympia School Districts Employees

Running through this Sunday, the Olympia School District is featuring the musical Honk. What makes this production so unique is that employees of the district are the stars. Proceeds for Honk, which is a storyline based on “The Ugly Duckling” will be used to support teacher grants, as well as several additional educational foundation efforts. […]