Mexico And U.S. Reach Agreement On Sugar Exports

The United States and Mexico have reached an agreement on the terms of access for Mexican sugar and this will see the level of refined sugar that Mexico exports to its northern neighbor reduce possibly raising the prices of sugar for consumers and food processors in the U.S. Producers of sugar in United States, however, […]

U.S. Census Director Hands In Resignation As 2020 Count Looms

The U.S. Census Bureau director, John H. Thompson, has resigned as the federal agency gears up to conduct the 2020 census. This was announced by the Department of Commerce and comes as the bureau is facing a funding crisis. Thompson, who was appointed director in 2013 and who has worked at the bureau for more […]

Puerto Rico In Bankruptcy Suit To Reduce Part Of The Debt

In what could amount to be the biggest declaration of bankruptcy by a local government in the United States, the governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rossello has asked for a restructuring of a part of the bond debt to be supervised by the courts. Currently, the combined municipal bond market in the United States is […]

Citing National Security Probe On Steel Imports Ordered By Trump

A probe to investigate whether steel imports pose a threat to the national security of the United States has been ordered by President Donald Trump. The legality of the investigation is based on a trade law enacted in 1962 which gives authority to the president to impose a restriction on imports in situations where national […]

US Weekly Initial Jobless Claims Up While Continuing Claims Fall To 17-Year Low

First time applications for jobless benefits in the United States rose just a little more than expected, last week, while consistent unemployment in America, overall, fell to a monumental 17-year low. This suggests, of course, that the labor market continues to strengthen. In addition, other data, released on Thursday, showed that factory activity—and specifically in […]

Top Executives At Wells Fargo Buy More Shares Of The Company

A couple of days after Wells Fargo released its earnings report, both the chairman and the chief executive officer of the retail bank have purchased stock of the company worth about $5 million. This is according to documents filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. “These are new stock purchases, as opposed to compensation,” […]

Amazon Workers Want Their Employer To Quit Advertising On Breitbart

A group of employees at Amazon are working to push the management of the ecommerce giant to stop advertising on the Breitbart website. According to BuzzFeed, the employees first raised the matter on March 22 when they sent an email to Amazon’s chief executive officer, Jeff Bezos as well as to senior vice president, Jeff […]

Boeing And Airbus Reveal New Long- and Short-Haul Passenger Models, Respectively

While Elon Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) continues to pursue the race to the furthest reaches of our galaxy (and beyond) Boeing and Airbus are still working to make air travel that much better here on Earth. Or, rather, in the skies of Earth. Indeed, Boeing has finally introduced its new 787-10 “Dreamliner” passenger air […]

New House Bill Could Let Employees Force Genetic Testing On Workers

There is a bill currently circulating in the United States House of Representatives that will enable employers to require their employees to partake in genetic testing. Now, it is important to note that the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 (GINA) bars employers—and insurers, alike—from requesting (or, honestly, demanding) that employment candidates take a genetic […]

California Ratifies Gender Neutral Single-Stall Public Bathroom Use, Is the Rest of the Country Ready For It?

California State governor Jerry Brown has just signed into effect a bill which will make single-stall public restrooms available to anyone, regardless of gender. Of course, transgender rights activists hail this as a major advance in equality. At the same time, the measure is not without controversy. Public bathroom access has a been a major […]

Washington State Governor Insless Bar Non-Essential State-Funded Travel to North Carolina

As a concept, the United States is a Romantic ideal: a welcoming haven for anyone with a dream and the passion to see it realized. It was supposed to be a place where communities (called States) could convene of their own wishes and govern themselves under a somewhat flexible set of statutes in order to […]

Bernie Sanders Wins Big in Washington, Alaska, Hawaii

Bernie Sanders swept the Pacific northwest Saturday, gaining victories over Hillary Clinton in Alaska, Hawaii and Washington state Democratic caucuses. Front runner Clinton maintains a big lead in the delegate count, but that hasn’t tempered Sanders’ enthusiasm heading into April. “We knew things were going to improve as we headed west,” Sanders told supporters Saturday evening […]

District Officials Seeking Contract Mediator for Teachers in Tumwater

Washington state is experiencing a major shortage of qualified teachers. There are actually several reasons, including the fact that teachers typically have numerous job opportunities. Therefore, unless specific school districts in the state can offer something extraordinary, potential recruits are going elsewhere. Due to ongoing budget talks, pay for teachers in Washington state is simply […]

Former Minor League Baseball Player Quits the Sport over Anti-Gay Comments

Former minor league baseball player Tyler Dunnington stated that he quit playing the sport due to derogatory comments made by teammates and coaches. After graduating from Shelton High School in 2010, Dunnington was drafted in 2014 by the St. Louis Cardinals. However, after hearing a barrage of comments about gays, the former pitcher walked away. […]

All Rape Kits to be Tracked by Washington State

With roughly 6,000 rape kits still untested, lawmakers in Washington state are making major changes. The current process used to gather evidence in rape cases is not enough. For that reason, lawmakers will be implementing a system in which the results of rape examinations will be tracked from beginning to end. Simply put, the tracking […]

Community Truancy Boards Mandated for Washington State School Districts

With a new bill passed by the Legislature whereby all school districts in Washington state must establish community truancy boards, officials anticipate a reduction in the number of students who skip school but more importantly, stay out of the court system. Skipping school too often in Washington state is a crime. However, parents taking away […]

Does Size Matter? In Terms of Income, Apparently So.

Income equality continues to be a hot topic in the United States, where all people supposedly have the same rights but women still make $0.70 on the dollar of a man. Is that discrimination? It would appear so, but does this discrimination occur only among women? And does it only happen in the United States? […]

Things Heating Up Over Olympia Transit Center Death

Following the death of a man arrested at the Olympia Transit Center things are heating up as protestors demand answers. The ordeal started when a man was arrested outside of the transit facility. Once he was placed in the ambulance, something went wrong, leading to his death. Immediately following the incident, investigators showed up to […]

Fire in Thurston County Under Investigation for Potential Arson

In what Olympia police, as well as Assistant Chief Brent McBride, Firefighter Jake Zvirdys, and Lieutenant Adam Graham believe to be arson, a home located in the 6900 block of Marvin Road Northeast was completely destroyed by fire. Although no suspect has been arrested at this time, officials believe a squatter is responsible for the […]

Employee of the Department of Ecology Accused of Stealing Celebration Funds

After being accused of stealing celebration funds, environmental specialist Mary N. Lynum pled not guilty. For more than 20 years, Lynum had been employed at the Department of Ecology and until her trial, she will continue in her position while working from home. Lynum was accused of taking almost $17,000 from a fund setup for […]

Self-Driving Car Causes Small Accident Near Google Headquarters

After many years and nearly 1.5 million miles, Google’s Self-driving car’s perfect performance streak has come to a bitter end. For the first time since the project began, Google’s autonomous vehicle has mistakenly pulled into traffic, sideswiping a bus and causing a crash in the process. Fortunately, the incident was minor and no injuries have […]

Formerly Conjoined Twins in Lacey Achieve Independence

Turning 16 years of age, Kathleen and Charity Lincoln are celebrating independence. Born as conjoined twins, the last surgery was completed almost three years ago, making them among the first set of twins to undergo separation. Although the girls have faced numerous challenges, they are both happy, healthy, and excited for the future. When born, […]

New Owners to Take Over the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad

Tom Murray who founded the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad has finally completed heavy negotiations with Wayne Rankin and Al Harper who will be taking the steam train company in Elbe over. As promised by the new owners, people can anticipate a completely new production for the upcoming season. As expressed in a statement by the […]

Coffee Shop and Restaurant Receives Approval from Lacey City Council

Last Thursday, a proposed coffee shop and restaurant development located on Sleater-Kinney Road received approval for a conditional use permit from the Lacey City Council in a 5-1 vote. The only council member who voted against the permit was Virgil Clarkson who expressed potential issues with traffic. Currently, the southeast area of Sleater-Kinney Road sits […]

Lacey City Councilman’s Facebook Comments Denounced by Residents

Jason Hearn, member of the Lacey City council, posted anti-Muslim comments on his Facebook that were denounced by residents. Reportedly, Hearn made several disparaging comments. At the recent council meeting, approximately 50 people showed up with several speaking against Hearn’s actions. People in attendance came from both Olympia and Tumwater, which are communities of family […]

Artesian Commons to Get Lights for Enhanced Safety

Starting the week of February 29, 2016, the Artesian Commons will be getting additional lights as a way of enhancing safety. At this time, completion for the project is scheduled for April 9. Although lights in seven alleys were added in 2015 as a way of deterring crime, the people of Olympia have continued to […]

Olympia’s Emergency Management Goals Ahead of June’s Earthquake Drill

The 2016 Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan should receive approval on March 15 from the city council without incident. In June, the city of Olympia will participate in a critical earthquake drill, which will help residents be ready to respond but also assist in the recovery of the city in the event of an earthquake disaster. […]

Proposed Yelm Highway Annexation to Boost Traffic

According to nearby property owners and residents, the proposed annexation for the Yelm Highway will cause traffic problems. The 8.5-acre area that resides at Yelm Highway and Henderson Boulevard has people concerned that the amount and density of traffic will become a serious issue. For the annexation to go forward, the Olympia City Council must […]

Thurston County Residents Encouraged to Recycle Clothes

According to experts, the seventh largest category of waste in Thurston County Washington is textiles. Through a program called Threadcycle, Goodwill recycles all types of textiles and clothing items that simply do not sell. Every year, the average America tosses out as much as 70 pounds of clothing, as well as other textiles. That means […]