Puerto Rico In Bankruptcy Suit To Reduce Part Of The Debt

In what could amount to be the biggest declaration of bankruptcy by a local government in the United States, the governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rossello has asked for a restructuring of a part of the bond debt to be supervised by the courts. Currently, the combined municipal bond market in the United States is […]

Uber Almost Banned From Apple For Violating App Rules

A report in the New York Times indicates that Uber’s app for the iPhone was once in danger of getting banned in 2015 when Apple discovered that Uber had figured out a way of identifying users by hardware ID after the deletion of the app from the device. And to prevent Apple from finding out […]

Citing National Security Probe On Steel Imports Ordered By Trump

A probe to investigate whether steel imports pose a threat to the national security of the United States has been ordered by President Donald Trump. The legality of the investigation is based on a trade law enacted in 1962 which gives authority to the president to impose a restriction on imports in situations where national […]

US Weekly Initial Jobless Claims Up While Continuing Claims Fall To 17-Year Low

First time applications for jobless benefits in the United States rose just a little more than expected, last week, while consistent unemployment in America, overall, fell to a monumental 17-year low. This suggests, of course, that the labor market continues to strengthen. In addition, other data, released on Thursday, showed that factory activity—and specifically in […]

Top Executives At Wells Fargo Buy More Shares Of The Company

A couple of days after Wells Fargo released its earnings report, both the chairman and the chief executive officer of the retail bank have purchased stock of the company worth about $5 million. This is according to documents filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. “These are new stock purchases, as opposed to compensation,” […]

Amazon Workers Want Their Employer To Quit Advertising On Breitbart

A group of employees at Amazon are working to push the management of the ecommerce giant to stop advertising on the Breitbart website. According to BuzzFeed, the employees first raised the matter on March 22 when they sent an email to Amazon’s chief executive officer, Jeff Bezos as well as to senior vice president, Jeff […]

Swift Transportation and Knight Transportation Expecting To Merge Within the Next Few Months

Knight Transportation and Swift Transportation are two American trucking companies. On Monday, the pair announced they would combine companies in an all stock-deal while they seek to collectively scale production amid growing pressures on pricing within the American trucking sector. Essentially, if and when the new deal is completed, the two will operate under a […]

Can A Normally Harmless Virus Trigger Celiac Disease?

A virus known to be typically harmless might play a significant role in triggering celiac disease. According to a new study, researchers say that among mice who have been genetically engineered to be predisposed to celiac disease, those which were also infected with a reovirus were far more likely to have an immune response against […]

Peso and Other Global Currencies Could Weaken In Trump Presidency

Mexico’s national currency, the peso, could lose steam, to fall to a range of 21 to 23 against the US dollar if Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump wins the US Presidential election. This is according to mos of the economists who responded to a late September Bloomberg survey. On the other hand, if Democratic nominee […]

California Ratifies Gender Neutral Single-Stall Public Bathroom Use, Is the Rest of the Country Ready For It?

California State governor Jerry Brown has just signed into effect a bill which will make single-stall public restrooms available to anyone, regardless of gender. Of course, transgender rights activists hail this as a major advance in equality. At the same time, the measure is not without controversy. Public bathroom access has a been a major […]

SpaceX Traces Test Explosion To Helium System, But Still Haven’t Found the Actual Cause

The race to commercial space flight—and more affordable space exploration, in general—has been a volatile one. Elon Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies, of course, has led the charge through the development reusable rockets. Or, rather, the attempt to develop reusable rockets. On September 1st, SpaceX was preparing a Falcon 9 rocket on a launch pad at […]

Satellite Data Shows Modern Fracking Causes Earthquakes

Modern technology helps mankind to do a lot of things that previous generations may never have imagined would be possible. Satellites, for example, continue to let us monitor both other planets as well as our own. Fracking allows us to drill for oil deep within the Earth’s crust; oil we use for fuel in transportation, […]

Wells Fargo Probe Proves CEO New About the Fraud But Never Said Anything

Last week, during a Senate Banking Committee hearing, Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf acknowledged that he did have knowledge that employees were creating bogus bank accounts as far back as 2013. In the wake of the controversy we now know that Wells Fargo employees had opened approximately 2 million fake savings and credit card accounts […]

Oil Slumps In Light of OPEC Stale Mate

On Friday, oil prices fell roughly 4 percent on the heels of evidence that suppliers Saudi Arabia and its arch rival Iran have not made much progress in the forming of their preliminary agreement from major crude exports next week with the proposed goal of freezing production, at least for now. “As volumes continue to […]

Women Who Smoke Are At Higher Risk for Brain Bleed Stroke

It is common knowledge that smoking increases several health risks. In particular, smoking can increase risk for stroke. However, a new study says that women who smoke are more vulnerable to a particular type of stroke than men who smoke. Strokes characterized by bleeding originating in the lining of the brain are called subarachnoid hemorrhages. […]

Could a Chicken-based Mosquito Repellent Protect Humans from Malaria?

Researchers from Sweden appears to imply that mosquitoes—and malaria mosquitoes, in particular—are not a big fan of poultry. The researchers conducted several experiments in Western Ethiopia involving the collection and analysis of blood-feeding patterns of the female of the Anopheles arabiensis mosquitoes, which is one of the more dominant causes of malaria in the sub-Saharan […]

Skateboarder Taken to Hospital After Union Avenue and Plum Street Shooting

The intersection of Union Avenue and Plum Street, in Olympia, has reopened this morning after gunfire erupted Monday evening. Police closed the intersection to investigate what probably should have been an easily avoided and easily remedied dispute. Apparently two men were skateboarding around 8pm, on Monday night. At some point, these two men got into […]

Thurston County Officials Move Forward on New Mental Health Facility Plan

According to the Washington State Department of Health, the application of a New York based company’s 75-bed mental health hospital has been approved in Thurston County. Now construction can begin once the company agrees to the state’s listed conditions. The Washington State Department of Health review of the US HealthVest certificate of need application—paperwork required […]

Potential Risk for Opioid Dependency Following Common Surgeries in US

Opioid dependency is already a major problem facing people in the United States and a new study warns that this common surgeries can contribute to this. The study says that patients who have knee surgery—and other more common operations—have an elevated risk of opioid dependency. According to study author Dr. Eric Sun, “For a lot […]

US Federal Regulators Ban Theranos Founder From Operating Blood Testing Labs

U.S. Federal health regulators have just hit Theranos Inc with a huge wake up call. The agency has banned Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes from blood-testing laboratory operation for at least two years. Of course, they have also pulled the firms regulatory approval for its laboratory in California. The sanctions—set by the Centers for Medicare and […]

US Navy Funds Bomb Hunting BioBug Project

Bioengineers have been experimenting with outfitting organisms with technology to help mankind explore areas of this world that are difficult for humans access. From disaster area search and rescue cockroaches to a new locust that sniff out bombs, much of this technology has been designed specifically with the betterment of life on Earth in mind. […]

US Car Crash Deaths May Be Down, Stats Still Far Surpass All Other Nations

Apparently, car crash deaths on the roads of America remain higher than just about every other high-income country in the world.  And, unfortunately, this is still true despite a fall in car crash deaths by more than one-third over the past 14 years. To put things into perspective, roughly 90 Americans die in car crashes […]

Obama Pulls Fewer Troops From Afghanistan Than Promised As Conflict Increases

President Obama has just let known that he plans to leave 8,400 US troops in Afghanistan through the end of his final term as US Commander-In-Chief.  This admission, of course, falls a little short of the promise to greatly reduce our presence there; a cornerstone of his initial pledge to pull our troops out of […]

New Numbers Say US Job Market—Especially Service Sector—Back on the Rise Again

It has been a tough few years for the American job market, but things do seem to be improving. As a matter of fact, it seems the US service-sector has grown by leaps and bounds in just the last month. According to the Institute for Supply Management, the nonmanufacturing purchasing managers index rose 56.5 point […]

Thinking Early Retirement ? Not So Fast

Early retirement is a fantasy for most of us.  Sure, it is possible to retire early if you are able to plan—and effectively implement that plan—at a far enough point away from your retirement date. Of course, this is not easy in today’s economy. For some people, cashing in on social security may be the […]

FBI Recommends No Charges Be Brought In Hilary Clinton Email Case

After months of adjudication it turns out that the FBI is not going to recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for using a private email server while serving as the US Secretary of State.  On Tuesday, agency director James Comey announced the decision—alleviating one of the biggest threats to her Presidential campaign—sayign that while the […]

Does Connecticut Have a Fentanyl Epidemic on their Hands?

Public officials in New Haven, CT reported, on Thursday, they are experiencing what can only be described as a public health emergency. This is on the heels of two deaths and more than a dozen overdoses due to tainted street drugs. New Haven officials said that they have declared an immediate warning of the prevalence […]

Scientists Conduct Experiment to Investigate How Exercise is Tied To Memory

Apparently, it is commonly known that treadmill training can boost memory recall. Of course, scientists had a basic understanding of the relationship between proteins, exercise, and neuron growth, but they wanted to take a closer look. And so, a new study—which has been published in the journal Cell Metabolism—investigates more closely how exercise can improve […]

FDA Scheduled to Take Major Actions On Eli Lilly Drug Next Week

On Tuesday, major drug companies will face key US Food and Drug Administration actions that will very likely affect the future of their industry-leading disease-treatment properties. Yes, on this coming Tuesday, an FDA advisory committee will meet to discuss the expansion of the Jardinance label. This is Eli-Lilly’s 2-year-old drug for the treatment of type […]

Does the Attractiveness of a Women Affect the Likelihood A Man Will Use a Condom During Intercourse?

It would probably not come as a surprise to learn that men might be a little more befuddled around women they find attractive. But a new study says that the hotter a women is, the less likely it is that a guy will wear a condom during intercourse. According to lead study author Anastasia Eleftheriou, […]

Sedro-Woolley School District Makes Music Available to Elementary Students

Designing curriculum remains one of the most difficult, complicated aspects of the education system. In public schools across the country, figuring out which subjects deserve the most attention continues to complicate the school day. While America has finally moved into a modern ideology with STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) it is also important to […]

New Senate Bill Ensures Strong Future For Washington State Public Charter School Students

It has been quite a tough year for the Washington State charter school system.  Just as the school year began, the Washington State Supreme Court invalidated the most recent public charter school approved by voters, jeopardizing quality education for many young students in the Pacific Northwest. Of course, the education system across the country is […]

Data Breach Cause for Concern for Olympia School District Employees

The personal breach epidemic has made itself known in Olympia, Washington and for Olympia School District employees it is cause for concern. Personal information of some current and former has been stolen by someone posing as the district’s superintendent. There have been more than 175 breaches already in 2016, make that 176. An estimated 105 million U.S. […]

Free Tours of Working Waterfront Hosted by the Port of Olympia

Almost monthly, fun, educational, and free tours of the Marine Terminal in Port of Olympia are available for interested parties. From the downtown Olympia location, these tours are designed to give residents and visitors the chance to learn how the international shipping terminal in Thurston County works. As part of the tour, you can watch […]

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee Imposes Travel Ban for Mississippi

Almost two weeks ago, North Carolina’s Governor Pat McCrory passed a law that explicitly discriminates against gay, lesbian, and transgender people. Immediately, Washington state Governor, Jay Inslee took action by imposing a ban on all state-funded travel into that state. Last week, Mississippi passed a similar discriminatory law, which prompted Inslee to again set boundaries. […]

Numbers for Olympia High School Yacht Club Are Skyrocketing

As the end of the school year quickly approaches for seniors at Olympia High School, many students are trying to determine their next move. To determine the best college options, students are creating short lists based on the most important criteria. For an increasing number of students from Olympia High School and local middle schools, […]

Washington State Sen. Pramila Jayapal Looks to Change Offensive Geographic Names

Washington State Senator Pramila Jayapal has initiated a review of ethnically and racially offensive geographic names in Washington state. Jayapal’s next step is to file paperwork with the Washington state Committee on Geographic Names. She hopes the first group of names will be changed this year. Jayapal and the Department of Natural Resources have identified 48 places […]

Coming Spring Entertainment in Olympia

For people living in and around Olympia, Washington, there are always exciting things to do and see. This March through May is no different, with a variety of events. The Language Archive Running through May 5 is “The Language Archive”. Held at Harlequin Productions, the main character George studies dead languages but also records conversations […]

Lacey to Get a New Primary Care Clinic

Standing at 4800 College are three buildings, one being a clinic that helps people with chemical dependency problems but sometime this November, that building will become home to a new primary care clinic. The chemical dependency clinic will move to a new location within the Woodland Square Loop. The new Providence Multi-Service Clinic has strong […]

Governor Inslee Enacts College Savings and Open Public Meetings Laws This Week

Washington state Governor Jay Inslee has been quite busy this week. Yesterday, he signed into effect a bill, which will open a traditional 529 college savings plan in the Evergreen State as well as reopen the old prepaid program, which became frozen last year. On Tuesday, Gov Inslee issued Senate Bill 6601 thus reopening Washington […]

Washington State Governor Insless Bar Non-Essential State-Funded Travel to North Carolina

As a concept, the United States is a Romantic ideal: a welcoming haven for anyone with a dream and the passion to see it realized. It was supposed to be a place where communities (called States) could convene of their own wishes and govern themselves under a somewhat flexible set of statutes in order to […]

Washington State Lawmakers Reach Bipartisan Supplemental Budget Agreement

Budget leaders in both the Washington state Senate and the House or Representatives announced, on Monday, an agreement to update the state’s present two-year operating budget. The state Congress has been working on a supplemental 2015-2017 budget since the regular legislative session of 2016. And the new agreement will update the spending plan to include […]

Bernie Sanders Wins Big in Washington, Alaska, Hawaii

Bernie Sanders swept the Pacific northwest Saturday, gaining victories over Hillary Clinton in Alaska, Hawaii and Washington state Democratic caucuses. Front runner Clinton maintains a big lead in the delegate count, but that hasn’t tempered Sanders’ enthusiasm heading into April. “We knew things were going to improve as we headed west,” Sanders told supporters Saturday evening […]

Washington State Democratic Caucuses – Can Bernie Sanders Surprise?

There are 118 Democratic delegates at stake in Washington, with 101 to be awarded proportionally based on the results of Saturday’s caucuses, with 67 allocated based on caucus results in each of the state’s 10 congressional districts, and the other 34 will be proportionally allocated based on congressional district results. Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary […]

District Officials Seeking Contract Mediator for Teachers in Tumwater

Washington state is experiencing a major shortage of qualified teachers. There are actually several reasons, including the fact that teachers typically have numerous job opportunities. Therefore, unless specific school districts in the state can offer something extraordinary, potential recruits are going elsewhere. Due to ongoing budget talks, pay for teachers in Washington state is simply […]

Former Minor League Baseball Player Quits the Sport over Anti-Gay Comments

Former minor league baseball player Tyler Dunnington stated that he quit playing the sport due to derogatory comments made by teammates and coaches. After graduating from Shelton High School in 2010, Dunnington was drafted in 2014 by the St. Louis Cardinals. However, after hearing a barrage of comments about gays, the former pitcher walked away. […]

New Emergency Response Plan for Lacey Fire District

After sharing plans with the Lacey City Council, members of the Lacy Fire District are eagerly waiting to see if a new emergency response plan will be approved. The plan pertains to the handling of less serious medical calls and if implemented, it would consist of a unique pairing of medical professionals. According to the […]

Porta-Potties and Human Waste in Downtown Olympia Targeted by Pilot Project

Until Olympia city officials come up with a long-term solution, porta-potties will be temporarily placed in downtown locations. As part of a nine-month expansion plan, the Downtown Ambassador Program’s Clean Team will pick up human waste at a cost of around $68,000. This pilot project would accomplish two goals, the reduction of human waste and […]

Students from Tumwater to Perform with the Seattle Symphony

As part of a unique 10-week program, several students from Tumwater are being given the once-of-a-life opportunity of performing with the Seattle Symphony. In addition to playing, these students will dance and sing at Benaroya Hall. While watching a video of “Toreador” from the opera “Carmen”, third-grade students who attend Peter G. Schmidt Elementary School […]

All Rape Kits to be Tracked by Washington State

With roughly 6,000 rape kits still untested, lawmakers in Washington state are making major changes. The current process used to gather evidence in rape cases is not enough. For that reason, lawmakers will be implementing a system in which the results of rape examinations will be tracked from beginning to end. Simply put, the tracking […]