Facebook To Offer A Paid News Subscription Service To Appease Publishers

Facebook’s news partnership head, Campbell Brown, has said that the social media giant has been listening to the complaints of publishers of news and it is taking action by launching a subscription plan for news. Initial tests on the product are expected to begin in October. This comes a week after news publishers petitioned Congress […]

More Financial Institutions Supporting Apple Pay Added In United States And Europe

Reports indicate that Apple Pay support has been added by 22 more credit unions and banks in the United States. Most of the U.S. financial institutions are regional rather than national. More financial institutions in Europe have also added support for the payments platform. In the United States some of the financial institutions that were […]

Modding Tool OpenIV Reinstated For Grand Theft Auto

When OpenIV, a popular modding tool for Grand Theft Auto V, was issued with a cease-and-desist order from Take-Two, fans reacted swiftly and GTA V was bombarded with negative reviews. Approximately 77,000 people also appended their signatures to an online petition calling for the restoration of the modding tool. Take-Two seems to have heard the […]

Archive Feature Introduced On Google Photos For Decluttering And Privacy Purposes

Google Photos now has a new feature which allows users to archive the pictures from the main feed. This hides the photos and thereby assisting in decluttering and also ensuring that private photos are kept away from the public eye. In order to archive a photo all that users are required to do is to […]

Chipotle Announces Malware Used in Payment Systems that Caused Data Breach

On Friday, Chipotle Mexican Grill said that it has discerned new information regarding its March-April data breach at its restaurants; information which points to hackers using malware to steal customer payment information. In the statement, Chipotle Mexican Grill says that bank account information, card expiration dates, and verification codes could all be accessed by the […]

Square Enix To Part Ways With Io Interactive Making Hitman’s Future Uncertain

Square Enix, a Japanese games publisher, has disclosed that it is divesting from IO Interactive, a studio based in Denmark that is famous for the Hitman series. In a statement that was issued to investors, Square Enix disclosed that it had been hit by an extraordinary $42 million loss in the financial year that ended […]

As Competition Heats Up AT&T Unveils 5G Service That Is Basically 4G

The city of Austin, Texas will be the first to enjoy AT&T’s 5G Evolution after the telecommunications giant revealed that it had switched on the service. However, the service will be limited to subscribers who own the Samsung Galaxy S8. According to AT&T the speeds being enjoyed on the 5G Evolution service are double what […]

Uber Almost Banned From Apple For Violating App Rules

A report in the New York Times indicates that Uber’s app for the iPhone was once in danger of getting banned in 2015 when Apple discovered that Uber had figured out a way of identifying users by hardware ID after the deletion of the app from the device. And to prevent Apple from finding out […]

Apple Watch 3 Expected To Be Launched In The Second Half Of This Year

The next Apple Watch is expected to be launched in this year’s second half. This version will most likely be named Apple Watch 3. The information was revealed by DigiTimes, a publication which boasts of numerous sources within the supply chain of Apple. According to DigiTimes Apple has signed up a new supply chain partner […]

Boeing And Airbus Reveal New Long- and Short-Haul Passenger Models, Respectively

While Elon Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) continues to pursue the race to the furthest reaches of our galaxy (and beyond) Boeing and Airbus are still working to make air travel that much better here on Earth. Or, rather, in the skies of Earth. Indeed, Boeing has finally introduced its new 787-10 “Dreamliner” passenger air […]

Deepwater Wind Launches America’s First Offshore Wind Farm

You may recall that American companies are investing in offshore wind farms to offset US reliance on fossil fuels and, more importantly, offshore drilling.  Well, it appears that the first offshore wind farm has finally commenced commercial operations and is now sending, clean, renewable energy directly into New England’s energy grid. Announced on Monday the […]

SpaceX Traces Test Explosion To Helium System, But Still Haven’t Found the Actual Cause

The race to commercial space flight—and more affordable space exploration, in general—has been a volatile one. Elon Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies, of course, has led the charge through the development reusable rockets. Or, rather, the attempt to develop reusable rockets. On September 1st, SpaceX was preparing a Falcon 9 rocket on a launch pad at […]

Domino's Pizza Tests Pizza Delivery Robot in Australia

Pizza is one of the most beloved foods in the developed world. Of course one reason for this is that you can have it any way you want it. It might also have something to do with the fact that you can have it delivered to your front door at almost any hour of the […]

Twitter Knows When You’ve Been Drinking..

Anyone trying to survive in the modern world—with all of its technological bells and whistles—understands the convenience of mobile phones. And, along with it, there should also be great awareness of the benefits and risks of such a convenient piece of powerful technology. Of course, having the ability to communicate at your fingertips anywhere and […]

Nest Moves Towards More Home and Personal Integration

The fully integrated home may still seem like decades away for most people but the Internet of Things is on the cusp of a full breakthrough in everyday society. Nest is one company on the forefront of this industry, best known for their internet-connected thermostats and smoke alarms that help to ensure your home is […]

SpaceX To Launch New Rocket In Florida

Elon Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) has been feverishly working to improve its rockets to complete their mission goals. Of course, things don’t always go as planned and the company has to go back to the drawing board, which they have done once again; and now they are ready to try again with the launch […]